Today’s Headlines

  • Uber Pleased With City Hall’s Uber Report (NYT, Politico, WNYC, WSJ)
  • How’s Cuomo Going to Make Good on His MTA Funding Promise? He’s Still Not Saying (WNYC)
  • De Blasio’s Horse Carriage Deal Includes Booting Pedicabs Out of Central Park (News, Politico)
  • Not Helping: Blames Drunk People for Getting Killed While Walking in NYC (Post)
  • Trottenberg Makes the Case for Woodhaven Blvd SBS to Queens Chronicle Readers
  • Fear and Loathing on the Queens CB 9 Transportation Committee (QChron)
  • Rider’s Alliance: The Q70 to LaGuardia Is NYC’s Best-Kept Secret (News)
  • Driver Who Flipped Car on Amsterdam Ave Caught Speeding on Video (Gothamist)
  • NYPD Doesn’t Tow Illegally Parked Cars on Staten Island (Post)
  • DOT Adding 3 Traffic Lights to 21st Ave in Astoria; Constantinides: “We’re Not Done” (DNA)

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  • com63

    The horse carriage deal seems like it will piss off everyone.
    Less carriages so the operators will be upset.
    No pedicabs in the prime part of the park, so their operators will be upset.
    Horses not gone forever, animal rights activists will be upset.
    Less carriages with a monopoly will lead to higher rates and make customers upset.
    Also, where are they going to build stables in some of the most prized real estate in the city? Maybe they should just put the horses in the zoo 😉

  • ddartley

    How dare De Blasio punish pedicabs for his carriage problem? And what disgusting nerve from both him and the carriage drivers to even hint that they together are entitled to decide where pedicabs may and may not operate. I was not a huge opponent of the horse carriage people but on this I sure am. I was a big fan of De Blasio even through his many troubles but find this proposal from him about pedicabs contemptible.

  • Zero Vision

    Amazing that cars are still allowed in certain parts of the park, but pedicabs are now being banned in large swaths of it.

    Vision Zero!

  • Joe R.

    At least the asinine idea of replacing the horses with electric cars was ditched.

  • Maggie

    Gosh, what a terrible week for Amsterdam Avenue. I look at this crash and think:

    1- this is why the cyclists who live, work, and deliver for Amsterdam Avenue businesses are looking for parking-protected bike lanes. Look what that car did to the white car’s bumper on impact. A safety plan that leaves unprotected cyclists on the outside of those parked cars and in front of the speeding drivers careening into them? Such a huge risk to the avenue’s cyclists

    2- the drunk driver so far is charged with a DWI. Do sober drivers get a pass for speeding, crashing, and flipping a car down the block from the precinct? Is it unreasonable to look for a charge of reckless driving or disturbing the peace?

    3- why does it feel like one kid on a hoverboard would get more attention and alarm from Bill Bratton than all the damage and destruction caused by drivers speeding along our streets?

  • AnoNYC

    QChron is still going after Woodhaven SBS huh.

    When exactly does the MTA/city hope to get that route up and running?

  • ddartley

    Agreed. That was really disturbing, how one or two deep pocketed people got as close as they did to dictating such a change for the city–with an idea that was, as you correctly say, asinine.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The evidence suggests that both Cuomo and DeBlasio agreed to not fund the MTA with real money, and to pretend that they had.

    The transit system is heading for deferred maintenance and decline. Particularly since whatever real money the city and state governments actually put up will be the most in 20 years.