Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Trick-or-Treater, Her Grandfather, Third Victim on Bronx Sidewalk (NYT; News 1, 2; Post 1, 2)
  • De Blasio: “Each of Us Must Contribute” to Vision Zero (@BrooklynSpoke)
  • MTA Bus Driver, SUV Driver Critically Injure Seniors in Crashes in Queens and Brooklyn (Post, News)
  • Off-Duty NYPD Cop Arrested for Drunk Driving After FDR Crash (News)
  • Family Members of Traffic Violence Victims Ran the New York City Marathon (News)
  • Parks Department Employees and Others Use Carl Schurz Park as Parking Lot (Post)
  • Illegal Restaurant Valet Services Drawing Motorists to Clog Inwood Streets (DNA)
  • AAA Rep Says Drivers Don’t Get Why They Should Care About Hudson Rail (Politico)
  • Gelinas: Reining in MTA Costs Is as Important as Stabilizing and Enhancing Revenue (City & State)
  • Tomorrow Is Election Day (Politico); Vote With Caution (NYT)

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  • J

    Re: Carl Shurz Park parking

    “A de Blasio spokeswoman denied the cars belong to mayoral visitors, and said Parks workers doing maintenance don’t pose a problem.”

    A good leader says: “This is unacceptable, I’m working to fix this”. De Blasio, says, “I didn’t do it”. How indicative of how little control he has over his administration and how little he cares. Can’t wait to replace him.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    BdB has shown his contempt for every New Yorker by dusfiguring his own home with these machines.

    The Parks Department has done the same by suggesting their employees are too special and must use Private cars to get around Manhattan.

  • Zero Vision

    De Blasio’s statement is abhorrent. Each of us must contribute? Even when we’re on the sidewalk trick-or-treating? It seems to be very hard for this man to say, “Drivers, stop killing children!”

  • snobum

    He was too busy tweeting about the Mets.

  • WalkingNPR

    I think the deal is that we contribute our bodies and the drivers contribute their cars to run over them?

    I think I finally get Vision Zero, y’all!

  • Zero Vision

    De Blasio should just let us know how many dead kids per year he think is worth it so that he can be re-elected without angering drivers too much. Three? Five? Ten? At least that would be more honest than this “everyone must contribute” garbage.

  • Tyler

    Regardless of the cause of the crash, the result was DEAD PEOPLE. Why the hell does the NYPD take so much care in *not* arresting the drivers in situations like the one in the Bronx?! There are DEAD PEOPLE due to something related to the drivers of the two vehicles… If it’s determined one of both of them didn’t do anything wrong and it was some sort of magical freak accident where curbs were jumps and cars were launched into the air even though they were both driving at slow speeds and exercising great caution, they will be released from custody! Are we really concerned about someone suffering a mild inconvenience and/or minor indignity??! THERE ARE DEAD PEOPLE. Suck it up.

  • Matthias

    Seriously, that’s all he tweeted about. His silence on this is inexcusable.

  • Matthias

    The police said there was no evidence of speeding, but then what is the fact that the car went airborne and landed on top of a 4-foot wall if not evidence of speeding?

  • stairbob

    Anyone see a connection here between the Gracie Mansion park parking story and “each of us must contribute to Vision Zero”?

  • r

    Everyone has to contribute!*

    *Not including the mayor, the cops, official vehicles, the press…

  • Maggie

    Agreed, and I was repulsed and shocked as well by Commiss Bratton’s tweets patting his force on the back for “keeping the city safe” on the NYC Marathon course. Excuse my all caps. NYPD, you had mutilated bodies of a DEAD CHILD, DEAD SENIOR, and DEAD BIG BROTHER on a Bronx sidewalk on Halloween. Your every statement has been aimed at defending and absolving their killer. In the face of eyewitness accounts, residents’ knowledge of local unlawful dangerous conditions, Occam’s razor and common sense. Commish Bratton and NYPD, you most certainly did not keep New Yorkers safe on Halloween weekend. Visit the survivors. Attend the funerals. Speak up. The silence on this, and back-patting for marathon Sunday is repugnant. It calls into question the long-standing doubt: does Commiss Bratton get what a bfd these gruesome deaths are? Will he ever?

  • Tyler

    Not to mention, I can still squish human beings going the speed limit (or even under the speed limit). How “no evidence of speeding” is a reason not to arrest someone is beyond me… Just more evidence of the NYPD incompetence.

  • nanter

    There likely is no evidence there *wasn’t* speeding either. Since the only thing that the police believe would constitute evidence of speeding would be radar data that doesn’t exist (conveniently), seems to me they can make this claim for all crashes. By NYPD definition, there is almost never evidence of speeding.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    25 mph equals 90% chance of survival and 10% chance of killing, therefore there is a 90% chance that driver exceeded 25MPH

  • Guest

    Or auto dealerships, car washes…

  • Guest

    Have to wonder if there’d be more attention from City officials if kids had been killed in Manhattan, instead of The Bronx.

  • Guest

    All the more difficult to explain since the car was going uphill!

  • r

    There’s no question. Had this been Park Slope or the Upper West Side, the mayor would have been on the scene visiting with families on Sunday.

  • qrt145

    No. You can’t make any inference without also accounting for the frequency distribution of crash speeds. If low-speed crashes are more frequent, it may be that most deaths happen in low-speed crashes.

  • ocschwar

    We live in an idiocracy where ignorance of high school junior level physics caused the NFL to wind up in court over the pressure level of a football.

    So I’m not surprised that the NYPD would think a slow moving car can get airborne.

  • Alexander Vucelic


    yes I can because that’s what the boffins say

  • Kevin Love

    “Will he ever?”


  • JoshNY

    Is that true? The Mayor seems not to care about kids getting killed anywhere.

  • NYCyclist

    “Parks Department employees are allowed to park their private cars when they are working on site.” Of course, employees of multiple agencies already have that right (Police, Fire, Education, etc). It’s only gonna get worse!