Today’s Headlines

  • Congressional and State Electeds Slam MTA for Cutting SAS Funds, Offer No Help (WNYC, 2AS, NYT)
  • Nascent Post Social Justice Squad Rips de Blasio, But Not Cuomo, for “Screwing” Harlem
  • More Coverage of Groundbreaking Liao Settlement (Gothamist, Post)
  • Daily News No Longer Claiming Allison Liao “Broke Free” From Her Grandmother
  • NEC Planning Chief Says Amtrak Open to Private Finance for Hudson Rail Project (Politico)
  • Joe Crowley Wants de Blasio to Protect Medallion Investors, Somehow (Crain’s)
  • South Ferry Station Entrance Will Close for Nine Months for Sandy Repairs (News)
  • Broken MetroCard Machines Strand Inwood Commuters (DNA)
  • City Council Approves More Parking for Staten Island Ferris Wheel (DNA)
  • The Transformation Department Is Shaming DOT (CityLab)
  • Boo! Subway Riders Haunted by Ghosts, Years of Spooky Fiscal Neglect (AMNY)

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  • BBnet3000

    Did the Daily News just memory hole their original story about Allison Liao’s death? This is really creepy and unprofessional for an entity still claiming to be a newspaper. They should publish a correction or note the edit at the bottom of the story.

  • Brad Aaron

    They should publish a retraction and an apology to the Liao family. The Liaos have said that, because of the “broke free” garbage, Allison’s grandmother was blamed in English- and Chinese-language community media for her granddaughter’s death, compounding their grief.

    Better yet, the Daily News should vow to stop repeating victim-blaming police gossip as fact, and call on other outlets to do the same.

  • nanter

    That Inwood story is a big non-story. The machines work with cash just fine.

  • nanter

    “Police said” so now what police said in 2013 has changed? It’s not creepy – it’s outrageous.

  • Joe R.

    They should be sued whenever they use unsubstantiated sensationalist garbage like that. The journalistic standards at the Daily News and NY Post are no better than those at the National Enquirer.

  • Matthias

    Sure, but a card reader outage should never ever happen during rush hour.

  • Maggie

    Off-topic, on the erstwhile and well-liked pedestrianization of extra space on West 32nd Street by Penn Station. I walked this last night. The space has been re-allocated to trucks and taxis. I’m saying this with the utmost compassion and empathy: many, many derelict homeless New Yorkers were still on the sidewalk last night. It’s almost as if the pedestrianization of space was completely unrelated. /s

    Looking forward to Steve Cuozzo’s next column on how pedestrianizing/beautifying the corridor here was a benefit to NYC overall and scapegoating the homeless was baseless and cruel.

  • Let’s also remember that the driver made this claim for a very long time and refused to see the video showing the truth.

    I’m glad the Daily News made the change, but their contribution to this family’s ordeal is simply shameful.

  • Matthias

    I can’t believe they’re actually building that thing on Staten Island. Until now I thought it was just a joke.

    The subway ghost story is interesting, if pretty vague. It mentions August Belmont’s private railcar which ran from his hotel to his racetrack via a connection from the IRT to the LIRR. They got a date wrong though–while the Astor Place station opened as part of the IRT in 1904, the Lexington Avenue Line wasn’t opened until 1918, when the subway was split into east and west side lines.

  • Joe R.

    You mean the ferris wheel? To me Staten Island is the worst place to put it. That makes it out of the way for everyone in the other 5 boroughs. Putting it in Flushing Meadow or Central Park would have made more sense.

  • AnoNYC

    It’s supposed to be a draw to the island.

    What Staten Island really needs is more density and mixed use corridors throughout.

  • ahwr

    It’s a tourist trap, why would you want to focus on siting it to be convenient to city residents? Unless you’re an employee you’ll go there maybe once. If it’s a pain to get to that one time, what’s the big deal?

    Right now tourists take the ferry to SI then get back on going the other way because there is nothing to do there. They want the free boat ride. Now there will be something to do there. Could pick a worse place.

  • qrt145

    I can “understand” their bias, but this is outright journalistic fraud.