Today’s Headlines

  • WSJ: De Blasio to Offer MTA $2 Billion, If Albany Will Keep Cuomo’s Hands Off
  • Cuomo Continues to Duck Responsibility for His MTA (PoliticoNews)
  • DiNapoli Report Finds Virtually Zero NYC DWI Offenders Are Using Interlocks (News)
  • Francisco Moya: Let’s Make 111th Street Safe by Keeping People on the Margins (DNA)
  • Advance Profiles Latest Hylan Boulevard Traffic Violence Victims … (1, 2)
  • … As James Oddo Twitter-Blocks “Lunatics” Who Question Him on Street Safety (@2AvSagas)
  • Drivers Kill Pedestrian on LIE, Injure Another on Upper East Side (News)
  • Getting Away With Deadly Traffic Violations Is Super Fun, If You Write for the Post
  • 88th Precinct Too Busy Harassing People for Being Outside to Enforce Traffic Laws (DNA)
  • Park Slope Civic Council Campaigns to Revive the B71, Lost in 2010 Service Cuts (Bklyn Paper)
  • Sunnyside NIMBYs: How Odd That a Residential Structure Should Displace Motorcar Storage (Gazette)

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  • stairbob

    Earlier this week de Blasio had this to say about MoveNY: “I’d say it’s something that’s worth looking at, but as you’ve heard, right now in Albany, there’s no appetite for it.”

    Well, duh, as long as we’re horse trading, just tell Cuomo, sure we’ve got $2 billion. We just need:

    1. Transit lockbox
    2. State funding sources revealed
    3. MoveNY enabled by Assembly & Senate and signed by Cuomo

  • bolwerk

    $2 billion? Bill has no spine. He should be screaming about how much money goes from NYC to the rest of the state and how THAT should be redistributed toward the MTA. He should be making Cuomo look stupid, which would not be hard here.

  • I don’t see that as a huge concern here, and certainly running the numbers on taxes paid / services provided is not a message that has political traction or else Cuomo wouldn’t have landslide’d NYC last election. What needs to happen is that the media needs to turn on the governor and make him look like the jackass that he is. Streetsblog is on it but many outlets continue to be bored/indifferent while running endless segments/reports chronicling subway delays and crowding while nudging the mayor/city (?!?!?!) about it.

  • BBnet3000

    Bill has given in here and isn’t even willing to set very reasonable terms like you’ve listed to raise and provide the money. He has let Cuomo steal his lunch money and dunk his head in the toilet how many times now?

  • stairbob

    Well, according to the Journal, BdB is already asking for 1 & 2, which is a good start, but my point is, why not go for the gold?

  • stairbob

    From the (Observer, Bredderman) article I already quoted:

    “Mr. de Blasio has repeatedly argued that, between bus and subway fares, bridge tolls and the $100 million yearly stipend City Hall pays the MTA, New York City residents finance almost three quarters of the MTA operating budget.”

    So he’s getting there.

  • stairbob

    Heh, there’s a newer article here

    “If you want to count it that way, New York City uses it a hundred percent. Why are you only paying 75 percent?” [Cuomo] asked, laughing.

    Of course, the amount of state taxes generated by transit by making NYC possible at all is a little more difficult to calculate.

  • BBnet3000

    I wouldn’t even call it the gold. Its basically just the ability to raise the money Cuomo wants rather than having to use city money taken from another purpose.

  • stairbob

    Too bad BdB appears to think it would be unfair to drivers and is hiding behind the “politically impossible” curtain.

  • Frank Dell

    BdB is already shopping his autobiography: No We Can’t.

  • Miles Bader

    “No We Can’t. I Mean, Maybe. Unless You Really Want To. I’m Sorry.”