Today’s Headlines

  • City Hall’s Times Square Task Force Backs Plazas, Proposes Limits on Performers (NYT)
  • Man Arrested After Intentionally Mowing Down Construction Workers in Midtown (DNA)
  • More Coverage of Uber Driver Who Hit Kids on Bronx Sidewalk (News, Post, Gothamist)
  • Tractor-Trailer Driver Injures Man in Crown Heights Crosswalk (DNA)
  • Port Authority Commissioner Kenneth Lipper Wants Amtrak Ticket Fees to Pay for Tunnel (Politico)
  • Republican Senate Leader Flanagan, Like Cuomo, Thinks City Should Pay More to MTA (Politico)
  • DOT Begins Installing Brooklyn Heights Slow Zone (Bklyn Daily Eagle)
  • State DOT Chief Matt Driscoll Says He May or May Not Tear Down I-81 in Syracuse (Post-Standard)
  • City Now Paying to Run Staten Island Ferry Every 30 Minutes Overnight (NY1)
  • Bayside Enjoys Car-Free Streets on Bell Boulevard Sunday Stroll (TL)
  • LA Metro and the MTA Get Into Twitter Fight in Advance of Mets-Dodgers Series (Post, Gothamist)

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  • scofflaw_cyclist

    How in the hell do you intentionally hit two construction workers with you car and get charged with leaving the scene of an accident?!? Where was this supposed accident, because all I see is a guy who left the scene of an attempted homicide. Was there an accident also?

  • Joe R.

    Yeah, he “accidentally” pressed the gas when the construction workers were in front of him, hence the designation of “accident”.

    Now I’ll admit as a pet owner myself (3 cats), I sympathize with how this guy was feeling. But to injure two people so your dog gets to the hospital faster is inexcusable. I hate people who think their problems are more important than anyone else’s. Maybe he should have walked or used public transit. I’ve done both when bringing my cats to the vet. A shopping cart helps if the pet is too heavy to carry for any length of time.

  • BBnet3000

    Let’s get those “free speech zones” back into action for a non-existent problem.

  • Maggie

    The New York Times did not cover the Uber driver who hit several children and a mom on a Bronx sidewalk?

  • The attention on the fact that he has driven for Uber is obscuring the symptomatic problem stemming from City Hall and our leaders’ failure to act in any meaningful way.

    That said, The Times did not cover it.

  • mattkime

    I’m optimistic that “uber outrage” could become general traffic outrage

  • Reader

    Mayor de Blasio was willing to engage in a foolish and costly political battle against Uber in order to impose a cap on their business in Midtown – a favor to his medallion-owning pals, I suppose – but so far hasn’t spoken up after one of their drivers mowed down four kids on the sidewalk.


  • Maggie

    Two things: I think it’s relevant that the driver who did this is commercially licensed to drive in NYC; and will stay that way if NYPD continues to believe there was no criminality involved in speeding over a curb into kids waiting at a bus stop.

    2: I think the Times does a lousy job of reporting on this critical quality-of-life issue; and an especially lousy job when the victims are Bronx kids of color.

  • JamesR

    Re: #2 – the NYT has always struggled with local coverage, period. Considering how few subscribers live in area where this took place, choosing not to cover this sort of occurrence is probably a calculated decision on their part. I’m not excusing them… they need to do better.

  • Flakker

    What’s going to look darkly hilarious from a historical perspective is the hysterical criticism of de Blasio as presiding over an unprecedented, but imaginary crime wave, when the real scandal is how much time he wastes on stuff that the general public doesn’t care about and about which nothing will be done..

  • ruby soho

    “City Now Paying to Run Staten Island Ferry Every 30 Minutes Overnight”

    Could we do without the Staten Island potshots, please? Would you rather us drive into Manhattan because the ferry is so damn inconvenient and our transit services are so limited? You guys were all over the de Blasio ferries going to all points Brooklyn and LIC, but heaven forbid Staten Island’s main egress expands service. Sheesh.