Today’s Headlines

  • Motivate Takes Bike-Share to Jersey City (News, Post, Politico, NY1) and Governors Island (DNA)
  • Errol Louis Interviews Jay Walder About NYC’s Citi Bike Expansion on NY1
  • Cuomo’s Terrible LGA PlanNY Mag Shrugs; 2nd Ave Sagas Wants N Train Instead
  • Bloomberg’s Political Team Continues Fight Against Medallions, Now on Team Uber (Capital)
  • Gothamist Looks at the History of “Jaywalking” in NYC
  • Limo Driver Seriously Injures Man Crossing Street by Waldorf Astoria (NY1, Post)
  • Driver Injures Woman Outside Manhattan Criminal Court (Post)
  • Plaza Hotel Loses Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Citi Bike Station (Post, News, WCBS, WNBC)
  • People Are Actually Arguing Against Speed Humps at Bklyn CB 7 (Kensington BK, Bklyn Paper)
  • DOT Begins Implementing Safety Plan at Deadly Chinatown Intersection (Lo-Down)

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  • joe shabadoo

    Poor lead in to the Brooklyn Paper speed hump article. People are arguing against them because “with many knocking the plan as a lazily slapped-on solution that will
    fail to fix dangerous road conditions in the neighborhood.”

    And I half agree with them; I don’t mind speed humps and wouldn’t mind if one were on my street, but I also I don’t think they will do much to solve the speeding issue and will mainly be a nuisance to people who already drive safely. People who speed will just speed up to and after them, moreso if trying to make a traffic light. (I feel like making a home-made sign to put at Prospect and 11th, stating “You can’t make the next light” since once the light turns green at Prospect everyone tries to make the green at Windsor, which is only possible if you do 50 mph.)

    Maybe we could actually get some striping and bulb outs on some of the extra wide streets (10th and 11th aves)

  • Dewey Cheatem & Howe

    Steven Sladkus and Jim Walden should go into practice together and form the most losing-est bike-related law firm in New York City.

  • Simon Phearson

    Yeah, but the alternatives they prefer are even worse – more stop signs! More stoplights! Let’s make our roads “safer” by further embedding the superiority of car traffic!

  • Reader

    You can’t blame local residents – who aren’t traffic engineers or planners – for grasping at basic things like signs and signals. If DOT isn’t presenting bold ideas like protected bike lanes, chicanes, or bulbouts, and just offers a handful of speed bumps, they leave an opening for these kinds of lame suggestions. DOT needs to lead and use opportunities like this to educate the public.

  • joe shabadoo

    i doubt bike lanes or chicanes would fly – still a very parking centric neighborhood. bulb outs and raised crosswalks, sort of making the crosswalk the speed hump, and lane markings would be great.

  • Ian Dutton

    I don’t “half-agree” with them – I agree with them! NYC’s version of “VisionZero” is ZeroVision. We are doing nothing to reduce driving. Our streets don’t look like streets in the cities to go to where there is a serious effort to reduce deaths. We don’t have chicanes like Montreal, we don’t close off local-streets to through traffic with bike slip lanes like London or Stockholm, we don’t pedestrianize shopping districts like… well, everywhere else. What we have are flags waving with “VisionZero” printed on them. And DOT cars driving around that say “VisionZero”. Good luck with that.