Today’s Headlines

  • Anthony Foxx Will Try to Prod Christie and Cuomo to Action on Trans-Hudson Rail (NYT)
  • Cuomo’s Getting Great Press for His LaGuardia Reveal (NYT, DNA, AP, WSJ, News, Post)
  • A More Skeptical View of the Proposal (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • At LGA Presser, Biden Gets in a Dig at Christie for Killing ARC; Cuomo Gets Nothing But Love (News)
  • De Blasio: Before NYC Commits to More MTA Funding, Let’s See What Albany Will Contribute (AMNY)
  • The Case for Design-Build Contracting to Cut Infrastructure Costs (Crain’s)
  • Pointing Fingers at Amtrak Won’t Fix NJ Transit’s Woes (WNYC)
  • Driver Who Killed Passenger and Fled Scene on SI Had License Revoked in 2013 (News)
  • 15 New Speed Humps in the Works for Windsor Terrace Streets (DNA)
  • Another PR Victory for the MTA (Gothamist)
  • In Case You Thought NYC Has Enough Bike Racks… (DNA)

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  • Maggie

    Pretty interesting contrast yesterday – watching the Dan Doctoroff-backed Boston Olympics bid collapse out of an insistence that taxpayers would be liable for unknown, unwanted bloated cost overruns, the same day Biden comes to town to slap Cuomo on the back for a new airport terminal.

    I’m not equating an Olympic stadium with an airport, but I wonder how many more airports and train stations Cuomo is going to sheath in marble – how many more animal bathing facilities at the airport and the like will we build – before we get equitable, common sense toll reform, or countdown clocks and ADA-compliant elevators in our subway stations, or a trans-harbor rail freight tunnel to push deadly trucks off of local surface streets.

  • Joe R.

    I’ll put it a bit more succinctly—Cuomo is like Nero fiddling while Rome is burning. His priorities are completely misplaced. He’s focusing on gold-plated infrastructure projects of dubious value, much like Nero was focused on bread and circuses, while basic needs aren’t being met. He really needs to ride the subways and buses for a day or two to get a clue.

    And yes, that freight tunnel should be one of Cuomo’s signature projects. It would take thousands of trucks off the streets.