Take a Look at the EZ New Citi Bike Docks

The new Ben Serotta-designed Citi Bikes are hitting the streets — 1,000 are supposed to go into circulation by the end of the month. But wait, there’s more. Citi Bike is also testing out new docking mechanisms. I tried one out at the bike-share station on Eighth Avenue next to Penn Station, where a few docks have the new hardware.

The biggest difference is that the bike automatically pops out once it’s unlocked, so riders don’t have to pull it. Also, while you can still release a bike by dipping a key fob, there’s also a spot on the right side of the dock to tap Citi Bike touch cards. Have a look:

Before, above. After, below. Photos: Stephen Miller
Before, above. After, below. Photos: Stephen Miller
  • The new dock doesnt have a card slot. I thought Citibike had to issue keys in card form last year when they ran out of fobs?

  • ganghiscon

    Yes, I’ve had one of these for about a year and a half now. But it sounds like the touch card thing replaces the card slot.

  • AnoNYC

    I’m so eager for expansion. Bring em in!

  • thomas040

    Since when can one use a contact-less card to release a bike? does that mean, that you can release bikes with your Apple Watch / iPhone? that would be FANTASTIC! …. eliminate the key-fob and have it as a Passbook-card on your phone.

  • AnoNYC

    Good point. I wonder if the card reader uses NFC. In fact, isn’t the key fob NFC?

  • Nathan Rosenquist

    The fob is RFID, but if the card reader uses NFC it can in theory read the fob.


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