Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian Crossing Grand Concourse (News, Post, WCBS, WNBC)
  • Cyclist Killed in Harlem Hit-and-Run Identified as Sergei Musatov, 42 (News)
  • …The Times Wants to Know If Musatov, Hit From Behind, Was Wearing a Helmet
  • Greenfield and Treyger Ask City to Raise Speed Limit on Ocean Pkwy to 30 MPH (Ditmas Park Corner)
  • Bronx CB 10 Votes Down Road Diet for East Tremont Avenue (Bx Times)
  • Advance Takes a Speed Gun to the Streets of Staten Island
  • Bill in Albany Would Legalize Commercial E-Bikes, Require Helmets for Riders (AMNY)
  • DOT Proposals for Queens CB 3 Include 108th Street Bike Lanes, Astoria Blvd Ped Safety (Q Chron)
  • Cabbie Refuses to Drive San Juan’s Mayor to Her Hotel in the Bronx (NYT, Capital, Post)
  • Honeymooning Couple on Out-of-Town Trip Begs City Not to Tow Their Illegally-Parked Car (DNA)
  • The Things People Will Do for Subsidized Parking (WCBS)

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  • stairbob

    So, for non-commercial uses, e-bikes would remain illegal?

  • Today’s news roundup is as irritating as it’s been in a while. A good quantity of people being ridiculous and ignoring real priorities in transportation and safety

  • Jesse

    Let’s all say a prayer for those people in Queens waiting on line for parking permits. Also the Bronx hit-and-run driver who is no doubt traumatized and remorseful over his accident.

    Oh also the guy who got hit.

  • Flakker

    Re: guy who was hit in Harlem by a driver with Florida plates:

    I am a merchant mariner. As such, federal law states that mariners crossing state or international lines in their work are not subject to state income taxes in the state in which their company is based, only the state in which they live. Many mariners, able to live where they want, choose to live in states without income taxes. In my experience Florida and New Hampshire are most common.

    However, many others choose to commit tax fraud. Maine, having a lot of mariners, is onto this scheme and has been extremely aggressive in cracking down on Mainers who try to evade taxes by buying houses in New Hampshire and getting NH bank accounts, NH driver licenses, and plates, while living most of the year in Maine.

    Mariners are pretty open about it if you ask them, actually. Many of this are running this scheme. Last time I got off a ship I was talking to a Floridian who told me he tells everyone that there are places in Florida you can buy a drop box and get a bogus address to maintain the fiction that you live there.

    The point of all this is; we all know that people falsely get Florida plates, including the cheapskate human garbage who hit this guy. What I’m saying is that, given the extreme lack of interest by the DMV and the NYPD in prosecuting this crime, it may actually be worse than we think. It’s very likely that a good portion of these people are committing income tax fraud as well. Cracking down on the plates might raise more revenue to pay for the bloated police force that continually resists doing their job. And this doctor might still be alive.

  • Daphna

    I wish the NYC DOT implement the road diet on East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx in spite of Bronx Community Board 10 opposition. Community Boards are advisory only. Other city and state agencies make their decisions about what it best and what is needed, and they factor in a community boards’ advisory-only opinions as part of their decision making process. Only the DOT treats the advisory-only opinions of community boards as something that must be adhered to.

    If the DOT insists on voluntarily letting community boards have a decision making power that they do not actually have, then the DOT needs to start marketing their projects better. They should come with salesmen, PR people and motivational speakers to educate community boards. As it is, they send engineers and designers who are great but they are not salesmen nor educators and the way they present projects does not calm afraid-of-change community board members.

    The DOT does not need to do this effort because they could simply proceed without community board approval; but if the DOT is determined to get community board approval before proceeding, then they need to do the work to convince community boards on the merits of the projects.

  • ohnonononono

    I know plenty of professionals with office jobs in Manhattan who keep their out-of-state license and claim they live at their parents’ house for taxes while having an apartment in the city. Extremely common. I’m amazed so many people get away with it.

  • AnoNYC

    How many people must die or get seriously injured along the Grand Concourse?

  • Matt

    Could have swore I saw the aftermath of a bus hitting a cyclist today on the hudson greenway? Maybe my mind was playing tricks and a bus was sitting stationary in the middle of the greenway with a ditched bike and police next to it for no reason? Or maybe it was all coincidence that those things were there at once.

    Haven’t seen this in the news at all.