We’re Screwed

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  • BBnet3000

    I thought Cuomo would at least watch F1 or some other interesting auto racing, but I guess I was giving him too much credit.

  • Brian Oconnell

    I can’t see the post, just the picture.

  • Bolwerk

    Bloomberg: understanding cities so much that it kills them.

  • neroden

    Andrew Cuomo has been a “car afficianado” since he was a young child. This isn’t surprising.

    What is surprising is how much of an idiot Andrew Cuomo is, given that both his parents were highly intelligent. I think this is due to messing around with automobiles *back when they used leaded gasoline* — he probably has substantial brain damage due to lead poisoning.


Using the Hive Mind to Make Biking Safer

Whenever anyone asks me why I like Twitter so much, I tell them it’s about the information. If you follow the right people (and who that is obviously depends entirely on you) you can tap into an amazing amount of great stuff from around the Internet (and real life too). It’s like having a custom-made […]

Using Twitter to Catch a Train

The people over at CTA Tattler ("seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority"), as part of their tireless efforts to monitor the movements of the Chicago Transit Authority, have turned to the microblogging tool Twitter and created a Twitter feed with the user name ctatweet. It’s a way for people using the city’s transit […]

Cyclist Assaulted on Hudson River Greenway

A cyclist was injured after a man kicked in the front wheel of his bike on the Hudson River Greenway near 24th Street yesterday evening. The victim, Michael Mandiberg, was hospitalized with cuts and bruises before being discharged later last night, according to his Twitter feed. Several people witnessed the unprovoked assault, and the assailant […]