Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Offers Tips to Congress for Transpo Funding, But Stays Mum on Albany’s MTA Gap (Capital)
  • Victim of Sidewalk Hit-and-Run Says NYPD Is Letting Driver Off Without Charges (Downtown Express)
  • Off-Duty NYPD Officer Arrested for Drunk Driving in the Bronx (News)
  • Furman: Building on NYCHA Parking Lots in Dense Areas Could Yield Cash for Housing (Observer)
  • Facebook, Google, Twitter Line Up With Uber Against TLC Regs for E-Hail App Upgrades (NYT)
  • Google Signs Lease at Pier 57, Which Will Add Driveways Across Hudson River Greenway (Crain’s)
  • NJ Transit Eyes Service Cuts and 9 Percent Fare Hike to Bridge Budget Gap (WNYC)
  • Ludlow Street Parking Lot Bites the Dust as Essex Crossing Begins Construction (Bowery Boogie)
  • More Coverage of UWS Citi Bike Station Plans From Post, DNA, Gothamist, Curbed
  • Sharrows Planned Beneath Williamsburg Bridge to Connect With East River Greenway (Bowery Boogie)
  • Ridgewood Civic Association Learns About Bike Lanes Planned for Neighborhood (Times Newsweekly)

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  • Flakker

    re: sidewalk driver “What I’m seeing here are a series of victimless crimes.”

  • For real? I guess NYPD has to consider you a person before they can consider you a victim, and people are the things that are in cars right? Sickening. I think intentionally driving on a sidewalk should carry a penalty of a life driving ban. Anyone who would willfully do that doesn’t deserve to drive again.

  • c2check

    (Just a joke, Big Lebowski quote, it turns out)

  • Joe R.

    Especially in this case it should. This wasn’t a case of merely “ending up on the sidewalk because the driver supposedly lost control”. Those are bad enough. This was a case of intentionally driving on a sidewalk to get around traffic. How could the NYPD not charge this person with anything?

    I said it elsewhere but it should be the law if you drive and kill/seriously injure someone through negligence, recklessness, or incompetence then you get an automatic lifetime driving ban. That’s in addition to whatever other penalties you might get.

  • Oh yes, I entirely agree. I think if you drive on a sidewalk intentionally, willfully, and understanding what you are doing, as was the case in this instance, you should lose your license whether or not you run someone down.

    Hitting and seriously injuring a pedestrian, should be another separate charge anyway. How can this not fall under the Right of Way law anyway. I’d like to think pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks.

  • neroden

    Arrest the First District officers for obstruction of justice.

    And it’s looking like we need a private foundation to start privately prosecuting these cases of dangerous driving.

  • neroden

    This IS pretty much the law — wilful reckless driving is suposed to me license revocation.

    Unfortunately our deeply corrupt police departments and highly corrupt DAs and corrupt DMV seem to be quite unwilling to enforce the law. I consider them guilty of conspiracy to break the law.

  • SteveVaccaro

    Post Citibike coverage re “bright blue eyesores” and “kamikaze cyclists” makes me think I’ve stepped into a time machine.

  • Maggie

    I was at the meeting. It’s pretty amazing how completely unmoored the Post article is from the reality of the neighborhood sentiment.

  • Maggie

    For us disgusted observers, is this a situation where we call Mayor de Blasio’s office to register strenuous disbelief? What’s the best way to get NYPD to act like a reputable law enforcement agency here?

  • JudenChino

    Where was that quote?

    From the article linked in the headlines:

    Since the woman lives in New Jersey, she said she was told that there was a jurisdiction issue — if it had been a more serious crime, such as a homicide, things would be different.

    This is absolute and total bullshit. There is no “jurisdictional” issue here. Yes, that person and their vehicle may reside and be registered in NJ, but they subject themselves to NY Law once they drive here. And it’s not like this person won’t drive on NYC streets again. It’s a “process” blip. But not fatal to the prosecution. And yes, if you fucking hit and run someone, that’s a fucking felony! You better believe, if I bumped a traffic cop in a NJ registered automobile, they’d find me real fast.

  • BBnet3000

    The Post base their neighborhood sentiment on West Brighton and West Hempstead, not on the West Side.

  • Tyson White

    I wonder if there would be a jurisdiction issue if he punched a cop and the cop was bruised.