Today’s Headlines

  • Republicans Coalesce Around Long Island’s John Flanagan as New Senate Leader (TU, Post, Capital)
  • Nfn Loknauth, 83, Dragged by Driver, Killed Crossing Street in Front of His Richmond Hill Home (News)
  • Station Renovations Could Get Stalled If Albany Doesn’t Fund MTA Capital Plan (NY1)
  • Another Super-Sized Service Disruption for 7 Train Riders Yesterday (DNA, Post, WCBS)
  • Driver Smashes Into Closed Nightclub in Jamaica, Suffers Non-Life Threatening Injuries (Post)
  • Mother Sues MTA for Letting Son Off at Undesignated Bus Stop Before Car Driver Struck Him (DNA)
  • NYC’s Crumbling Streets Threaten to Swallow Fire Truck’s Front Wheel in the Bronx (DNA)
  • Manhattan CB 4 Wants Affordable Housing on City-Owned Hell’s Kitchen Parking Lot (DNA)
  • City Seeks Vendors to Upgrade 311 System. But Will It Get Parked Cars Out of the Bike Lanes? (Capital)
  • 78th Precinct Installs Traffic Cones So Officers No Longer Park in Crosswalks (News 12)
  • Happy Bike Month: Citi Bike Will Waive the Cost of a Day Pass on Thursday (Gothamist)

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  • BBnet3000

    A bike lane near me was removed last summer and until the 2015 bike map came out I thought they had just failed to repaint it. Though the map says it is a “shared lane” now, there are no sharrows, and the “bike lane” signs on the side of the road are still there.

    Does anyone know when the Brooklyn CB7 transportation committee and full board meetings were held about this? I never saw anything about it on Streetsblog, was it in one of their weekly meeting roundups? Google is giving me nothing. I really wish I could have attended the meeting.

    Also, the Eastbound lane on Caton west of McDonald was swapped for a Westbound lane, but the map still shows the old configuration.

  • Ian Turner

    Wasn’t there a law passed about DOT adding or removing bike lanes without community approval?

  • BrandonWC
  • red_greenlight1

    Until 311 and the various city agencies get their act together 311 will be useless. Case in point calling 311 about only results in the police visiting the site 5 hours later and stating the obstruction is no longer there. Also the DOT won’t repaint worn or missing bike lane markers because of “efficiency reasons.”

    Yeah you can polish a turd but at the end of the day you just got a shiny turd. Which is exactly what this since this appears to just be a code and 3rd party app integration.

  • Flakker

    311 is facing record volumes of calls because they funnel Every. Goddamn. Call. through it. Like, you can’t even call the mayor’s office to express an opinion without waiting through a free ID pitch, hearing about alternate side parking, then getting a boilerplate message telling you that you can send an email or web form message, then you can hit zero or whatever and be connected to a real person, eventually— because they don’t post a phone number. It’s completely unprofessional and hostile to civic engagement.

  • I find it easier and faster to report certain things to 311 Online at Streetlghts out, potholes and sinkholes, broken traffic lights, tend to get addressed quickly.

    I don’t bother reporting chronic illegal parking, anymore. Got sick of hearing that enforcement investigated and found no violation, over and over again. There was a guy on a block I worked on, he blocked the sidewalk with his van seven days a week. I rarely saw that sidewalk unblocked. I made a project out of reporting him twice a week, enforcement never saw a violation. He either knew somebody, or enforcement didn’t bother investigating.

    Once for kicks I reported all the police vehicles parked in the bike lane in front of the 120th Precinct in SI. Took four minutes for the report to come back “No violation found”. That told me 311 is probably ignoring complaints about parking outside police stations, it never even gets to the precinct.

  • red_greenlight1

    Which bike lane is or was it?

  • BBnet3000

    12th Avenue between Borough Park and Windsor Terrace (the one with the arrows on the map)

  • Geck

    My guess it that was a sub-standard 3′ lane that DOT decided to change to sharrows (but never painted them).

  • BBnet3000

    Without any public input? This isn’t the only change they made in the same area either.

  • AnoNYC

    The blocked lane adjacent the precinct was forwarded to the NYPD 311 computer inside. Whoever was at the desk likely just closed the complaint immediately after realizing the location.

  • SSkate

    Speaking of maps disagreeing with reality, does anyone know the story of Fourth Ave in Brooklyn? Last year’s city bike map indicates there was a shared lane from Atlantic down to 64th. I did that stretch this past weekend, both directions, and saw no indication that there were ever any bike markings there. This year’s map says it’s just a signed route.

  • BrandonWC

    Before this year, the city bike map didn’t distinguish between sharrows and signed bike routes. They were both orange.

  • SSkate

    Ah, okay. I see now that last year’s map doesn’t say anything about signed routes. Really wish I’d known the story about that this past weekend.

  • Cold Shoaler

    I’ve found a notable exception when it comes to reporting motor vehicle complaints via 311.

    TLC actually responds in a timely and easily trackable way. I’ve gotten about 3 dozen yellow, green and black car drivers (or their bases if they fail to identify drivers) fines for blocking bike lanes, running red lights, etc. since February, without doing much more than spending a couple minutes a pop on a website.

    Take a picture. Get a tag and/or medallion # and report it here:

    I use the “Is reckless or unsafe if you were not the passenger” option.

    You have to agree to be available to testify by phone if there’s a hearing. So far I’ve only had that result twice. The first one, the driver pleaded on the day of the hearing, so I didn’t have to do anything other than be on stand by. The second is pending.

    I don’t know that this makes any difference, but it makes me feel a little better. There’s so little enforcement.

    I try to focus on heavily biked streets I travel regularly – Dean, Adams, Jay, Hudson, 8th Ave – and think that if word spreads it could have an impact. If a few other people did this with any consistency it could really add up. I’ve probably already given more ‘tickets’ than some precincts.

    It sucks that there’s nothing to be done about private autos, DOT vehicles or the NYPD, but it’s a start. Tweet shaming vehicles with corporate branding at least gets a customer service response sometimes.

  • Cold Shoaler

    That’s been my experience as well, even if the complaint is about a chronic blockage that happens in the same place at the same time every day. Include that information in your complaint, and they still (claim to) go there a few hours later and close the complaint.

    This actually works:

    But it only applies to TLC vehicles.

  • Cold Shoaler

    Nice work on this photo evidence of one of the many lies in DOT’s bike lane map. Unfortunately there are many. There should be an online repository for documenting all of them.

  • red_greenlight1

    I’m going to have to try that. Thanks!

  • Daphna

    It is probably still good to report the parking violations even if they do not get addressed, because they get added into the statistics of what gets reported to 311.