Today’s Headlines

  • Daily News Dings de Blasio for Professed Ignorance of Move NY Toll Reform Plan
  • Car-Free Streets Critic Susan Dominus Filed a Pretty Good NYT Magazine Vision Zero Piece
  • Ydanis Rodriguez Wants Medallion Commission and City-Funded “Restitution” for Owners (Capital, Post)
  • Related: Schneiderman Sues Fleet Mogul Evgeny Friedman for Cheating Drivers (Crain’s)
  • Stringer Audit Finds MTA Express Buses Are Bogged Down in Traffic (AdvanceCapital)
  • Queens CB 1 Cranks Vinicio Donato and Lucille Hartmann Step Down After 40+ Years (QChron)
  • Assembly Rep Aravella Simotas Urges DOT to Get Moving on GCP/Astoria Blvd. Intersection Fixes (TL)
  • Leroy Comrie Introduces Bill to Give Albany Control Over MTA Ad Content (QChron)
  • Robert Caro Recounts the Moment Robert Moses Lost His Mojo (NYT)
  • The Times Discovers Cargo Bikes, and a Mom Concedes to the Thrill of Walking

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  • Larry Littlefield

    I wish some journalist would say to grandstanding pols like Stringer:

    “New Yorkers have the highest state and local tax burden anywhere, and pay extensive fees as well. In exchange for all that money, why are your union supporters providing such lousy service in return?”

    And when he mumbles something about traffic respond

    “your political supporters get placards and drive everywhere, like the rich. Why are you taking up all the space on the street at the expense of the serfs on the buses, as if you own them?”

    No NY politician, let alone a Democrat backed by unions and contractors and their unions, has any right to complain about what we pay and what we get, since they are the reason. It’s nothing but an attempt to use propaganda to separate oneself from one’s own actions, and those of their crowd.

  • Pedestrian

    Reading that 2009 Susan Dominus story on Times Square now is almost hilarious. One of her gripes was that less than one month after it was closed to traffic it still had a somewhat slipshod appearance. Talk about impatient! Plus, it’s rife with the false “real New York” narrative that has poisoned discussions about safe streets and space for people for years. Very educational and, all these years later, still very wrong!

    Glad she came around and wrote such a strong story for the magazine, however.

  • Bolwerk

    Huh? Can reformists like, say, Brad Lander complain? I’m no fan of the Democrats, but somehow I have even less confidence that Archie Bunker’s party, with its archaic ethnic anxieties and aging low-IQ rotary club constituency, is much more eager for reform. (I was going to say auto-centricism, but at least locally the Democrats might actually be significantly worse on that count.)

    Unless we can have open, democratic elections, people from one of the parties needs to be allowed to complain about the clusterfuck they’ve (yes, mainly older generations) created.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I’m no fan of the Democrats, but somehow I have even less confidence that Archie Bunker’s party.”

    Archie Bunker was almost certainly a Democrat — with the Queens Democratic party at that. A union laborer and white ethnic, he was concerned with preserving existing arrangements against new claimants for public services and benefits, the epitome of the NY Democratic party then. And (at the state level, where there are no term limits, and from whence Stringer emerged) now.

    The Republican Mayor at the time? Lindsay!

    That’s where you find that old Tammany Hall type Democrat today. In the offices no one pays attention to except special interests, for which there are no term limits. State Assembly. State Senate. Borough President. City and State Comptroller.


  • Bolwerk

    AIUI, Archie Bunker loved Nixon. Though, yeah, he could have been a Democrat locally. That’s the only “democratic” thing about the Democrats: anyone can join. And does!

    Christine Quinn reminded me a bit of Mitt Romney. She probably would have been on his campaign if he wanted didn’t want to oppress wealthy LGBTs too.

    OTOH, there are the odd cases of people who actually make some sense being Democrats. Granted, ever fewer of them end up in power.

  • Tyson White

    The link for Vinicio Donato should have pointed to this story:

  • Daphna

    Any news on Manhattan CB2’s decision/resolution in the full board meeting either yesterday (or the day before?) about the DOT proposed Spring Street bike lane? Did they support it as their transportation committee did?

  • millerstephen