Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio’s OneNYC Has No Solution to the MTA’s Current Funding Gap (Capital, Crain’s, NY1)
  • Mayor Declines to Use Equity, Environment Plan as Springboard for Toll Reform (Observer, News 1, 2)
  • Who Will Pay for Utica Avenue Subway Extension? (NYT, DNA, Gothamist, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Driver Backs Onto UES Sidewalk, Smashes Cars, Bank; No Injuries (Post, DNA, WNBC, WPIX)
  • Bus Drivers Union Pushes Fix to MTA Bus Design (WCBS), Still Wants Exemption From Right-of-Way Law
  • Manhattan CB 3 Committee OKs South Street Greenway Upgrade; Bowery Boogie Sees DOT “Ambush”
  • TWU-Citi Bike Contract Negotiations Heating Up (Capital)
  • Council Wants More Financial Info From Citi Bike, Which Says It Already Releases Enough Data (Crain’s)
  • NYCLU Maps Where City, State Installed E-ZPass Readers to Measure Traffic Speed (Advance, Animal)
  • Bronx CB 2 Wants DOT to Add LED Street Lights to Improve Intersection Safety (Bx Times)
  • LES Lot Closed But Not Gated Before Redevelopment, Offering Free Illegal Parking (Bowery Boogie)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    This is about who will sacrifice what to make up for all the cost shifting to the future (now the present by Generation Greed). Whoever raises their hand get the blame.

    So the careerist play (and that’s what all these so-called “progressives,” “conservatives” etc. are) is to continue to demand something for nothing.

    I’ve got a solution, but it involves a lot of people giving up a lot of things.

    Higher subway and commuter railroad fares.

    Higher NYC taxes or cuts in spending on other things, as it takes over the surface transportation network. Higher productivity, especially on the LIRR, etc.

    Lower prices for better work for contractors, or no work until they agree and do it.

    No more retroactive pension increases, and no wage increases for those in the richest tiers until those coming after get enough higher cash pay up front (call it the Tier IV pay level) to equalize career compensation.

    AND the Move NY plan. With no more borrowing for ongoing normal replacement.

    Plus more revenues (and cuts in ripoff price) to fund ongoing maintenance of the road and bridge system.

    Finally, all revenues — taxes, tolls, fares — used to pay for Generation Greed’s debt and unfunded pension liabilities, rather than total spending, would be collected in the form of a “surcharge” so everyone could see how much money is going to the past, not the present, so those working in the present would not be blamed for it. You put $50 in the machine. “You have a $40 Metrocard, and you Generation Greed surcharge is $10.

  • Real New Yorker

    Shouldn’t an investigation determine if a blind spot factored into a crash? Sure, we should design safer vehicles, but that shouldn’t let drivers off the hook. Every driver should be aware of blind spots and act accordingly. If this exemption goes through, then cab drives will want one. And then and then and then…

    This is just a naked PR grab by TWU to avoid consequences for actions that kill or maim innocent people with the legal right of way. And I thought Americans were all about personal responsibility?

  • Bolwerk

    Figure out future expenses and match them up with future revenue, but borrowing for capital replacement cannot and will not stop. Such cures are more harmful than the disease they purport to fight.

  • Daphna

    Did Manhattan Community Board 2 approve the Spring Street bike lane last night at their full board meeting??
    If so, any news on when the DOT will stripe it?