Today’s Headlines

  • How Will de Blasio’s PlaNYC Be Different Than Bloomberg’s? (Capital)
  • 1 Pedestrian, 1 Cyclist Critically Injured in Separate Crashes in Brooklyn Yesterday (News)
  • Bronx Community Board 11 Asks DOT to Undo Traffic Calming on White Plains Road (BxTimes)
  • Off-Duty MTA Bus Driver Arrested for Drunk Driving (News)
  • Pushy Passengers and Harried Cabbies Are a Bad Combination for a Crowded City (Post)
  • New York City Traffic Violence — the Perfect War Zone Simulation (Post)
  • More on Jim Brennan’s MTA Funding Bill (Capital)
  • Straphangers Value a Faster Ride More Than a Seat on the Train (Post)
  • Check Out Where Long Island City’s First Bike-Share Stations Will Go (DNA)
  • Scenes From the 5th Tour de Staten Island (Advance)
  • The Times Likes Paris’s Plan to Double the Extent of Its Bike Network

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  • Larry Littlefield

    For those interested, I’ve posted spreadsheets with NYC taxes and other revenues, spending and debt, per $1,000 of NYC residents’ personal income, compared with the U.S. average, other parts of (and every county in) NY State and NJ, and other counties and states around the country. From the 2012, 2002 and 1992 Census of Governments.

    This puts transportation expenditures and funding in the complete context.

    I’ll be writing up my take on this information over the next few months, but I’ve put up the tables first hoping that there are some open minded people willing to look at them and make up their own minds.

    Perhaps Streetsblog could use some of this as reference, as data for many its other locations is included for comparison with NYC (on the far right of the databases).

  • BBnet3000

    The new PlaNYC will set cycling aside as a serious future form of transportation in New York City.

  • > How Will de Blasio’s PlaNYC Will Be Different Than Bloomberg’s?

    He could start with giving it a name that isn’t so awful. Plan why see? Awful. Like Fastrack. It doesn’t get better or faster or anything when you intentionally leave out a letter. I think it broadcasts to people, “This is bullshit, like something the bank would try to sell you.”

  • Nanter

    Aggravated unlicensed operator is one of the charges against that bus driver busted for dwi. An unlicensed mta bus driver? How many others have invalid licenses? Seems like the bigger story here.

  • AnoNYC

    What are the chances that BX CB 11 gets the traffic calming along White Plains Road removed?

    I hope they fail, the health of the community is at stake.

  • AnoNYC

    With recently announced initiatives in Paris and continued dramatic proposals in London, Madrid, and other global cities; NYC is going to have to really unveil something impressive to compete.

  • Danny G

    Just add in a strategic right turn pocket here or there where you have high volumes and it’ll work out fine. It’s almost always better to have low-stress left turns, and these 4-to-3 road diets make driving a lot more comfortable and predictable.