Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Reaches Budget Deal (NYT); Bills Include $700 Million for Tappan Zee (LoHud)
  • Best Coverage of Citi Bike Software Upgrade From WSJ, Crain’s, WNYC
  • No Easy Answers to Fix New York’s Sky-High Infrastructure Construction Costs (Capital)
  • Construction Trade, Truckers Tout Move NY Toll Reform in Post Op-Ed
  • Families For Safe Streets Challenge Daily News on Its Crusade Against Right-of-Way Law
  • At Least a Dozen Injured After Minivan Driver Runs Stop Sign, Hits MTA Bus in Canarsie (WCBS, WPIX)
  • Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney Confirmed as Thruway Chair (LoHud)
  • TWU’s Samuelsen Backs Rockaway Beach Branch Rail Reactivation (Q Chron via 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Plan to Add Skyscraper, Plaza Next to Grand Central Moves to City Council (Capital)
  • Downtown Bklyn Parking Garage Leveled for 714 Apartments, 128 Parking Spots (Brownstoner)
  • Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop Talks Bike-Share With the New Yorker

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The problem is the costs, not the estimates.

    Robert Moses underestimated, but that meant he set ambitious goals. Today estimates are high, and that sets a goal the predators use as a floor. And they get away with it.

    And the real disaster isn’t the cost of new infrastructure. It is the cost of just keeping the infrastructure we have, and updating in slightly.

    One reason no one questions these costs is because powerful people are on the receiving end. The other reason is because no one has actually paid them. What public services have been cut, and what taxes increased, so that MTA contractors could charge more. None, because it was all borrowed.

    That’s the secret to retroactive pension increases and spending funded by debt. It “costs nothing” until Generation Greed is gone, and then it will cost us everything.

    The (last) MTA Capital Plan expired three months ago. The state budget passed with no funding for a new one. The MTA Board is discussing options. Which means that after loading the MTA with $32 billion in debt, Cuomo, Skelos, Silver’s replacement, Jim Brennan, and Bill DeBlasio are expecting to just hide out and hope that the media doesn’t notice or someone else gets blamed.

    When will it be accepted that this is Generation Greed’s preferred scenario? After the city budget passes and the state legislature goes home for the summer? That after 20 years of borrowing to benefit those cashing in and moving out the consequences are too much to face, so they will simply refuse to do so?

  • Larry Littlefield

    By the way, this is DeBlasio and Cuomo’s real affordable housing plan. Housing was affordable in NYC in the 1970s, wasn’t it?

    Everything will be great, as long as no consequences arrive until Generation Greed can sell its houses at inflated prices to younger suckers, cash in its stock options and retroactively increased public employee pensions, and get to Florida, the Carolinas, or the grave.

  • ohnonononono

    $700 Million for Tappan Zee and untold millions for yacht owners! Gotta love this state.

  • And so far $0 for the MTA’s five-year capital program — which would amount to a whopping 4% per year of the state’s spending budget if Cuomo were willing to fund it directly.

  • Plan to Add Skyscraper, Plaza Next to Grand Central Moves to City Council (Capital)

    Also, comes with hundreds of millions of dollars in badly needed improvements to the Lex IRT at GCT.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The deal was and is:
    The state puts nothing in.
    The city puts nothing in.
    Debt is used to push the consequences to the future.
    Except one difference: it is the future. Unless they can just borrow another $25 billion, as some would wish.

  • HamTech87

    I think that is a typo. The article says $900 Million.

  • com63

    “Downtown Bklyn Parking Garage Leveled for 714 Apartments, 128 Parking Spots”
    You forgot to mention the 357 bike parking spaces. I wonder how many bikes you can fit into 1 car space.

  • Joe Enoch

    When the truckers step in and support MoveNY, I think it’s time to adopt it. Wish they could have explained “toll shopping” a little better, but hopefully Cuomo and Albany get the point.

  • HamTech87

    Were the 128 underground spaces mandated? I wish the city had traded them for more height and housing. Tough to beat such a location: within 5 minute or less walk of 10 subway lines, and the Fulton Street Shopping District.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I wonder if their managers/customers require the truckers to avoid the tolls, and also get ticked off when they are late.