Today’s Headlines

  • Port Authority: Replacing Bus Terminal Would Take $10 Billion and 15 Years (Capital, WSJ)
  • AP Looks at Cuomo’s Transportation Projects, Offers Few Judgements of Governor’s Record
  • Meanwhile: Still No TZB Financing Plan (Bloomberg); Astorino, Assembly Dems Want Answers (LoHud)
  • Turning Driver Seriously Injures Woman Crossing B’Hurst Street (Bensonhurst Bean, News, News 12)
  • Heastie Scores Taxpayer-Funded SUV After Ascending to Speakership (News)
  • As Drivers Go to Uber, Bank Forecloses on “Taxi Kingpin” Gene Friedman’s Medallions (Post)
  • BP Oddo Wants New Roads Where State Proposed Highways Decades Ago (Advance)
  • More Coverage of Jimmy Vacca’s Endorsement of Move NY Toll Reform (Observer)
  • Trans-Hudson Tunnel Needs an Elected Who Cares About It (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Sheepshead Bites Concludes Loony Five-Part Rant Against Select Bus Service (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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  • ohhleary

    From the SI Article: “along a 1.5-mile stretch of Rockland Avenue, from Forest Hill Road to Richmond Road, on which Oddo estimates 115,000 drivers travel each day.”

    He estimates wrong. Very wrong. Just checked the NYDOT data viewer: that stretch has an average daily traffic of 17,091.

  • Bolwerk

    $10B? Is Santiago Calatrava involved?

  • HamTech87

    The AP article on Cuomo’s Transportation projects included a whopper of editorializing that is just plain wrong. “a $450 million rail link from Manhattan to LaGuardia, won immediate praise from many travelers”

    I don’t know one traveler, upon learning how convoluted and long the ride would be, who thought it was a good idea. And the article doesn’t quote any of them.

  • ahwr

    He’s talking about improving intersections, must have counted the cars approaching from the other roads, not just Rockland. ~24k on Forest hill, 12k on Brielle, 9k on Manor, 25k on Richmond. You might get to 115k if you count the number of times a car or truck passes through one of the intersections he’s looking at.

  • Andres Dee

    It would be a safe bet that anti-SBS crusader Allan Rosen got one or more ticket for driving in a bus lane. And they say that bicyclers and pededestrians walk around with a sense of “entitlement”.

  • Andrew

    In this case it’s far more personal. Anti-SBS crusader Allan Rosen worked briefly as a bus planner for the NYCTA before being transferred to another department. He’s held a grudge against the bus planners ever since, and for the past five years or so he’s been regularly publishing his loony rants at Sheepshead Bites, to my ongoing amusement.

  • Allan Rosen

    Yes I have.

  • joe r

    Join my cycling crusade and have breakfast thrown at you!

  • Bolwerk

    And you just can’t help yourself? You need your fix? You like to live dangerously?