Diversity Plaza Wishes You a Happy Valentine’s Day

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, the Neighborhood Plaza Partnership set up a camera in Jackson Heights’ Diversity Plaza to learn how to say “I love you” in some of the 138 languages spoken in Queens.

Diversity Plaza lives up to its name.  In the video you’ll hear Farsi, Bangla, Hungarian, Italian, Urdu, Basaa, and Tibetan.

Located in the heart of a busy Jackson Heights retail district just one block from a major bus and subway hub, the plaza has been adopted by local business owners, including some who opposed it at first. In the last two years it has hosted an Eid-ul-Fitr celebration during Ramadan and even an outdoor meeting of Community Board 3.

The Neighborhood Plaza Partnership provides technical and financial assistance to organizations that maintain plazas in low-income communities.

  • Flakker

    This kind of cloying check-box liberalism is worthless. Really. Saying 138 languages/most diverse blah blah impresses no one and is a meaningless signifier. There are like 4000 languages spoken in Nigeria and nobody over there is holding it up as some kind of exemplar, because it’s not. It’s feel-good claptrap by the sort of people who think that culture begins and ends with big numbers.

  • Maggie

    I liked it. Nice Valentines Day <3

  • qatzelok

    Exactly. The only number that should matter in that little plaza is the number of people sitting in those chairs talking to one another. For the entire duration of the “multiculturalism is amazing” video, those seats were a signifier of failure – zero culture happening in Babel Square.


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