Today’s Headlines

  • Find Your NYC Polling Place and Ballot Info — Go Vote!
  • Nassau Democrats Were for Speed Cams Before They Were Against Them (WCBS, News 12)
  • Heavily-Redacted TZB Documents Raise More Questions About Bridge Finance Plan (LoHud)
  • Sarah Goodyear: Let’s Reject the Idea That Speeding Is Just Good Old New York Nostalgia (CityLab)
  • WNYC Looks at MTA Capital Plan, Says Straphangers Should Get Ready for More Fare Hikes
  • More Coverage of Yesterday’s City Council Transportation Hearing From WCBS, CapNY
  • Council Considers Bill to Limit Trash Hauling Traffic in Neighborhoods (QChron)
  • Elderly Couple Dies After Crashing Car in College Point Parking Lot (PostWNBCWPIXWCBS)
  • Fines for Texting While Driving in New York State Just Increased (WPIX)
  • Not In My Parking Space! Brooklyn Brief Takes a Windshield Perspective on Car2Go

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  • HamTech87

    Why is the NY Times not outraged by the redacted TZ Bridge documents? Guess they’re too busy acting like 4 year olds watching a construction project.

  • Cold Shoaler

    Wow, Nassau County motorists sure are a bunch of cry babies. “You didn’t spend $6.5M on flashy lights to warn me that there were speed limit signs I was supposed to see AND obey! You evil, money grubbing politicians have concocted some scheme to tax me into poverty for simply going more than 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit… in a school zone… during school hours. This obviously has nothing to do with safety. It’s clear to everyone after four whole months what you’re really up to, and that it doesn’t work.”

  • Alicia

    Those comments aren’t even all from Nassau county. The most recent commenter as of right now (jcwconsult) is apparently a lobbyist from Michigan. (Ironically, he lives in Ann Arbor, one of the least pleasant places in the state to drive.)

  • Kevin Love

    Here is a way of protesting against those evil, money grubbing politicians: Don’t break the law by driving a car over the speed limit. That will show them!

  • Cold Shoaler

    But by that logic, the way things are going, pretty soon you won’t be able to drive through lights after they turn red either. Won’t someone think of the drivers 🙁