NYPD: 1,263 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 11 Killed in Traffic in May

Image: NYPD
Image: NYPD

Twenty-five people died in New York City traffic in May, and 4,621 were injured, according to the monthly NYPD crash data report [PDF].

As of the end of May, 54 pedestrians and cyclists were reported killed by city motorists this year, and 5,669 injured, compared to 64 deaths and 6,169 injuries for the same period in 2013.

Citywide, at least 10 pedestrians and two cyclists were fatally struck by drivers: three pedestrians in Manhattan; four pedestrians in Brooklyn; and three pedestrians and two cyclists in Queens. Among the victims were Rosa Anidjar, Felipe Palacios, Anthony Githere, Elliot Mintzer, William Faison, Galina Truglio, Charity Hicks, an unnamed female pedestrian in Manhattan, an unnamed male cyclist in Queens, two unidentified pedestrians in Brooklyn, and one unidentified pedestrian in Queens.

The NYPD report indicates there were nine pedestrian fatalities in May, but data compiled by Streetsblog from media sources and our own reporting show 10 pedestrian deaths.

Across the city, 882 pedestrians and 381 cyclists were reported hurt in collisions with motor vehicles. Per NYPD policy, few of these crashes were investigated by trained officers.

Of 12 fatal crashes reported by Streetsblog and other outlets, no motorists were known to have been charged for causing a death. Historically, nearly half of motorists who kill a New York City pedestrian or cyclist do not receive so much as a citation for careless driving.

Eleven motorists and three passengers died in the city in May; 1,557 and 1,801 were injured, respectively.

There were 18,172 motor vehicle crashes in the city in May, including 3,318 that resulted in injury or death.

Download May NYPD summons data here. NYPD posts geocoded crash data here. Crash and summons data from prior months is available in multiple formats here.

After the jump: contributing factors for crashes resulting in injury and death.

Image: NYPD
Image: NYPD
  • BBnet3000

    Really disproportionate number of cyclists injured. Looks like Vision Zero is going to have to include real cycling infrastructure after all if it is going to succeed.

  • Tyler

    So, the police are called to deal with 586 crashes *every day*?!? I know there are a lot of people here and so on, but this seems crazy. Wouldn’t calming traffic through enforcement (not “crack downs,” but *actual* enforcement) be a better use of police resources that dealing with the aftermath?

  • nycbikecommuter

    You’d think someone would have figured out by now that we have a problem in NYC… and it’s not bikes…

  • Andrew

    The NYPD report indicates there were nine pedestrian fatalities in May, but data compiled by Streetsblog from media sources and our own reporting show 10 pedestrian deaths.

    That discrepancy alone is pretty troubling.

  • I think this is the first month this year that motor vehicle deaths exceeded pedestrian + cyclist deaths. Not that I see any reduction in pedestrian/cyclist deaths, they just had an uptick in motor vehicle deaths…

  • neroden

    The main contributing factor seems to be a conspiracy by the NYPD and the DA’s offices to let motorists get away with reckless driving and manslaughter.

    Look at all that inattention and tailgating (“following too closely”), and the failure to yield right-of-way, and the unsafe lane changes, and the unsafe speed, and the backing unsafely… this is all what we used to call “reckless driving” (illegal, results in removal of driver’s license), and killing someone while driving recklessly used to be called “manslaughter”. But apparently there’s an NYPD/DA conspiracy to let motorists get away with it.

  • qrt145

    It is not unreasonable for the DA not to prosecute charges that they know won’t stick. To do otherwise could be considered a waste of taxpayer’s money. If you look at the few cases that are prosecuted, the fewer that get a conviction (juries are also reluctant to convict), only to be overturned later by a higher court who thinks that they can read the mind of the defendant better than the jury, it is easy to see why the DAs are reluctant to prosecute except in the most extreme cases.

    This all points to a need to rewrite the laws.


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