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  • Bolwerk

    Christie is an unrepentant, acquisitive moron. ARC was being built for New Jersey’s benefit, with a big mix of federal and Port Authority money, and he thought it was “equitable” to make New York pay for half of it. In canceling the project, to look like a tough leader, he implicitly admitted to his own weak managerial skills.

    Granted, the project could have been smarter, and New York could have tried to accommodate a track connection to GCT and existing infrastructure. But still: talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • snobum

    Thanks to the magic of google, we can see the parking restrictions outside of 175 W. 13th St were no parking from 8am-6pm in 2011. So when cars parked there at night, there was no problem getting to the building? I guess people only have heart attacks during the day…

  • Jeff

    Streetsblog has spoiled me with respect to reporting on new bike lanes. DNAinfo has left me utterly confused about this east side project. For example, what’s the logic of “a two-way protected bike lane on First Avenue between 37th and 38th streets, and another one on 37th Street between the FDR and First Avenue”? Even a DOT presentation would help clear this up.

  • I saw the presentation and only parts of this idea work. It’s a really weak plan. I’m going to actively petition to have it strengthened to make more sense – because if it can actually serve as a route-around for the QMT / cyclists going right past the tunnel mouth, it’s a HUGE improvement for southbound cyclists on the East Side. but the current proposal is as weak/watered down as it could be other than actually doing nothing.

  • EricBoucher

    You mean the way improve this bike lane better isn’t to sue the city to have it removed entirely and return the street back to exactly how it was? Oh…wait… now that I think about it, your way makes way more sense. The method I described doesn’t sound like it would produce better bike lanes at all.

  • vnm

    The 125th Street SBS lanes are being installed now. They look like they are coming along nicely.

  • Bolwerk

    They are always designed to look good until the photo ops are done.

  • Clarke

    Favorite line: “In addition, the DOT is proposing a shared lane for cyclists and cars on 38th Street between First and Second avenues, and another one on 35th Street between the FDR and Second Avenue”… this is not a proposal…the shared lane already exists. It sounds like they’re proposing adding paint to reinforce the shared lane?

  • Mark Walker

    Was the funding split his real motive? My impression is that he moved the $3 billion Corzine had set aside for predictable cost overruns into the state highway trust fund to avoid a hike in the gas tax. Now, of course, NJ has no new tunnels, the highway fund is broke again, and Christie’s successor will have to deal with both decrepit roads and looming catastrophes for both Amtrak and NJ Transit riders. Oh, and every road, tunnel, and bridge heading into NYC from the west will turn into a parking lot. A possible bright side is that the city may have to ban private cars incoming from the west in favor of radically upsized and prioritized bus service — otherwise, the NY/NJ area is headed for the transportation equivalent of a major heart attack.

  • Paul

    Seriously, can the U.S. take a 3-4 year break to get all our transportation infrastructure repaired before we build ANYTHING new?!!

  • Jeff

    Found the DOT presentation, for anyone who’s curious:

    I guess I kind of see what they’re going for.

  • Bolwerk

    The article said, and I’ve heard this elsewhere, the funding split was an excuse, but FWIW I don’t buy it either I find your explanation more likely. It was a deeply flawed project, but one that benefited New Jersey more than not doing it – even if New Jersey had to pony up for the overruns.

    However, I rather doubt the opportunity to dick-wave for “conservatives” around the country was anything less than the deciding factor.

  • Bolwerk

    Why? It’s not like we can’t afford to do both.