Today’s Headlines

  • City Hall Talking With Yankees About Soccer Stadium Deal on Failed Parking Garage (CapNY)
  • State DOT Sidesteps Key Funding and Policy Issues in Complete Streets Report (MTR)
  • SUV Driver Crashes Head-On Into MTA Express Bus on First Avenue in Midtown, Injuring Two (WNBC)
  • MTA to Repair Long-Closed Subway Entrance at Dyckman Street, Make Building Owner Pay (DNA)
  • Anti-Carriage Group Releases Electric Car Design; Tabloids Are Unimpressed (WNYC, Post, News)
  • NYU to Monitor Pedestrian Traffic (But Not Parking?) at Hudson Yards (Crain’s)
  • Architects Design Futuristic Development Above Woodside LIRR Station for Competition (Post, Curbed)
  • NYT Covers TLC’s Request for Information on Black Boxes and Anti-Speeding Tech
  • A Look at the Robert Moses Plan to Build a Highway Through Washington Square Park (Ephemeral NY)

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  • qrt145

    On the horse carriage issue, there was also an op-ed by Liam Neeson on the NYT:

    If a Jedi Master says so, these are the carriages we are looking for. 🙂

  • Danny

    I don’t want to see the horse carriages in Central Park replaced by dinky fake-vintage electric cars driven by costumed charlatans.

    If they insist on getting horses out of the park, then they should be replaced by electric horses. We’ve got a ton of tech entrepreneurs in this city. Build me an electric horse!

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Ha! The Hummer ran into the bus for causes unknown? How about because it was going the WRONG WAY down 1st Ave?

  • TomG

    Can’t wait to dodge the piles of glowing electric horse crap.

  • Poo poo dodoo

    The horse robot will poop organic compostable faux-caca; no-skid type. Ride on.