Eyes on the Street: Illegal Parking Crackdown Coming to Jay Street

Photo: Eric McClure
Photo: Eric McClure

Reader Eric McClure spotted these flyers today on cars “up and down Jay Street between Johnson and Willoughby,” in the 84th Precinct. This comes a few weeks after attendees at a public workshop identified illegal parking as a major safety hazard and a major source of dysfunction on Jay Street, where pedestrians, cyclists, buses, and private motorists all mix near the Manhattan Bridge approach.

“Looks like the 84 is getting ready to start writing some tickets,” McClure writes. “Big props to [CO] Capt. [Maximo] Tolentino.”

Judging by the flyer, excuses on the dashboard aren’t going to fly.

  • Andrew

    If this lasts more than a week, it’s good news.

  • Emmily_Litella


  • BBnet3000

    5th Ave in Park Slope (especially the southern end) next please.

  • Hilda

    This is coming from the Capt. that states: The best way to educate drivers is with summonses.

  • Guest

    When will this become standard operating procedure citywide???

  • Rabi

    With Jay, you could do a lot of good without even writing tickets. Most of the double parking is actually standing, so just start sending cops through during rush hour telling people to move along.

    I do appreciate that Tolentino seems to be receptive to our complaints about the state of the street. With biking season starting to really hit, Jay is only going to become more chaotic.

  • red_greenlight1

    Ok I think they have had more then enough warning time to get the books and pens out 84th!

  • Clarke

    No word on any plans to cut illegal parking by NYPD placard holders outside of precincts.

  • Eric McClure

    I think the fact that this particular flyer was on a windshield of a car displaying an MTA-safety-vest-as-placard means that this will apply across the board.

  • Andrew

    Or it might simply mean that the NYPD will start ticketing MTA employees but still not NYPD employees.


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