Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Maintains 45 Point Lead in Times/Siena Poll (NYT)
  • Times Magazine Piece Details How the Subways Survived Sandy …
  • … And Cuomo Marks Anniversary By Giving Away Train Rides (NYT, WNYC)
  • De Blasio Says Campaign Donations Won’t Guide His Policy on Cabs, Whatever That Is (WNYCCapNY)
  • New Staten Island NYPD Borough Commander: Traffic Enforcement Will Be a Priority (Advance)
  • No Charges: UES Pedestrian Critically Hurt by TEA (Post); W’burg Senior Hit by School Bus Driver (DNA)
  • Ozone Park Ped Plaza to Open This Week, With Backing From Nydia Velazquez and Eric Ulrich (TL)
  • Sources Tell CapNY Inez Dickens Is Not a Contender for Council Speaker
  • Connecticut Electeds and Business Folk Want Faster Trains to NYC (Post Star)
  • Get On the Omnibus: The ABCs of City Planning Circa 1937, via Tri-State

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  • Anonymous

    I think your headline on the UES crash is off. It was NYPD, not a TEA, who struck and critically injured the pedestrian, according to the Post story.

  • Anonymous

    UES Crash: “Police sources said the woman crossed against the light and the supervisor had the right of way.” Another blatant example of NYPD anonymously and selectively leaking crash information to spin public perceptions of crash risk, despite supposed departmental policy that the information is confidential until investigation is complete.

  • Kevin Love

    Love the ABCs of City Planning. Particularly the letters Q and U. Q for quiet and U for Unions, “that make us all strong.”

    Alas for quiet. Today there is far too much of a cacophonic din of noise from motor vehicles causing stress to all the people in the city. One of the things that struck me about Clarence’s film about Groningen was his comments about how quiet the city was once we were in the car-free zones.

    As for the letter U, in 1937 the Great Depression taught a lesson about the insane greed that destroys our economy and our city. The crash of 2008 sent the same message, but some people still just don’t get it: Greed destroys lives, destroys families, destroys cities and destroys countries. This is a lesson we need to relearn for today.

  • Anonymous

    Also: Jane Brody on the health benefits of active transportation:

  • Kevin Love

    Don’t you just love it when the police systematically break the law with complete impunity and zero consequences. This whole out-of-control lawless attitude of “we are above the law” shows itself in so many ways.

    The list is long. Placard fraud. Parking their official (and private!) cars on sidewalks and bike lanes. Leaking crash data to put their own spin on it. Making up imaginary non-existent laws to harass people they don’t like. Failure to enforce real laws with “no criminality suspected” even when the crime victim is dead or seriously injured. Laying charges like “Aggravated Vehicular Assault” only when an NYPD member is hit by a car driver. FIDO. Testilying. Stop and frisk. Etc, etc, etc.

  • Andrew

    Let’s say the “police sources” are correct and the woman indeed crossed against the light.

    How fast was the officer driving? Was he focusing on the street ahead or was he distracted from the task at hand?

    In other words, it’s possible that both parties share the blame – the pedestrian crossing against the light and the driver speeding or not exercising due care.

    How about considering that possibility, NYPD? Oh, wait, it’s too late – the officer was already “was cleared of any wrong-doing.” Case closed!

  • Guest

    The driver was “cleared of any wrong-doing” as soon as the responding officers saw his badge!