Today’s Headlines

  • Climate Scientists: Time’s Running Out to Get Fossil Fuel Emissions Under Control (NYT)
  • Escalade Driver Kills 5-Year-Old Girl in Sunset Park; NYPD: “No Criminality” (PostNews, DNA)
  • Queens Residents Revive Push to Overhaul the Boulevard of Death (DNA)
  • Lawyer for Midtown Sidewalk Crash Victim: “What We Want Is Justice for Sian” (Post)
  • Sweet JSK Profile From Jason Gay in WSJ
  • Cuomo’s Massive, Transit-less Tappan Zee One Step Closer to Securing Federal Loan (WNYC)
  • Gale Brewer: “Manhattan Has to Figure Out How to Address Smart Growth” (DNA)
  • Speeding Driver Who Critically Injured 12-Year-Old Also Had Invalid License (Bklyn Paper)
  • Police Say Skateboarder Died After Hitching Onto Box Truck, Falling Under Wheels (News)
  • Scenes From Yesterday’s Hellish Metro-North Commute (WSJ)

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  • carma

    to deblasio and lhota.

    please keep JSK. NY is just more pleasant to get around these days.

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    Agreed, though she can do a lot of good in other cities as well should they be lucky enough to get her.

  • krstrois

    I’m tired of reading “the driver looked devastated.”

  • Impressive stats from the 72nd Precinct, where that little girl was killed. Just 5 speeding tickets in August and only 3 for not giving right of way to pedestrians.

    Her death is not so much a failure of one particular driver as it is a failure of an entire system of law enforcement and design.

  • ocschwar

    Lots of emails to her waiting in Drafts folders all around the country

  • ToastPatterson

    The story about the little girl killed by an SUV in Sunset Park enrages me to no end. The NYPD victim blaming through the press is disgusting. Do none of these officers blaming the little girl for her death have sons or daughters or nieces or nephews? Is there anything that can be done to change this culture in NYC where drivers can run pedestrians down in the street without any meaningful punishment? It makes me sick.

  • Frank Dell

    Toast, NYC drivers can run pedestrians down on the sidewalk as well without fear of ANY repercussions.

  • Kevin Love

    What other crime is treated the same way?

    I never read “The rapist was devastated. The poor rapist was unable to get to sleep at nights because his dreams were haunted by the memories of his victims screaming as he violently raped them. What punishment could be greater than this?”

    Nope. I do not seem to read these sorts of things.

  • Frank Dell

    Kevin, I think it’s because the Press, NYPD and seemingly the majority of our elected officials do not view death by car as a crime. It is simply an “accident.”

  • Chris Q
  • Anonymous

    He actually said “replica antique cars with electric motors”, and was talking about replacing carriage horses. For one moment I thought the idea was that anyone owning an antique car could go and drive it in Central Park! 🙂

  • Kevin Love

    Every other civilized country has no problem putting these criminals in jail for a long time. For example, just across the border in Canada the criminal offence is officially known as “Dangerous Driving Causing Death” and punishable by 10 years in jail.

    There, criminality is suspected. And may be one of the reasons why the government of Ontario brags about having the safest roads in North America. See:

  • Anonymous

    RE: TZ Bridge loan. What happens if (or when) the cost of the bridge exceeds the 33% threshold for the TIFIA loan? Is there an interest penalty? Otherwise, why wouldn’t builders just lie about the true cost?

    Seems kind of odd to me that the cost of the bridge went down by a third from $6B to $4B.