Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Election Day. Have You Voted Yet? (News)
  • The Biggest Danger to NYC School Children Is Traffic (WNYC)
  • De Blasio Campaign Raised More Than $250,000 From Taxi Industry (News)
  • Tomorrow: Manhattan CB 9 Votes on Road Diet and Ped Safety Fixes for Morningside Ave (News)
  • Will Cuomo Sign Transit Lockbox Bill? His MTA Chief Makes It Seem Unlikely (Capital)
  • Prendergast: No Need for NYC to Control Its Own Transit System (Crain’s)
  • NYC’s Speed Cameras Could Have a Far-Reaching “Distance Halo” Effect (MTR)
  • WNYC Has a Guide to the Top Mayoral Contenders’ Transportation Stances
  • Nicole Gelinas on a Real Tear With Election-Season Appeals for Pro-Bike Policies (NYT)
  • Driver Fleeing Police in Bed Stuy Rams MTA Bus, Injuring Dozens (Post, DNANews)
  • DOT Starts Adding Safety Improvements Near Concrete Plant Park (Bronx River Alliance)

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  • Joe Enoch

    I know all the candidates are pretty flawed, but after reading that Daily News story, I kind of just wish I would have abstained from voting for mayor this morning. De Blasio is slimy.

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    I know the Daily News is pretty flawed.

    If you play the donated to and is a highly objectionable human therefore is a highly objectionable human card in a story, you need to do it for everyone. There isn’t a single politician running for a single major political office that doesn’t take money from someone objectionable.

    Until there is a constitutional amendment to properly reform campaign finances, I’d rather the politican I agree with play whatever stupid political games necessary to enact laws I agree with than to lose because they refuse to raise the money necessary to win. It is a sad state of affairs, but it is the hand the Roberts court dealt us with Citizens United.

  • Bolwerk

    I don’t like de Blasio either, but @anxiouslyawaitingbikeshare:disqus is right. De Blasio may be wishywashy, and a case can be made he’s inept or even delusional. But that article was a pointless hatchet job.

  • Joe Enoch

    I agree. And the timing of it certainly was not accidental. We’ve known all of the information in that article for months — most notably that he’s in the pocket of taxi lobby.

    It still doesn’t sit well voting for the “least awful” candidate.

  • Bolwerk

    I really don’t know who is least awful, but de Blasio might be it out of the major candidates. He’s not appreciably worse on budgeting than anyone else. He sucks on transportation, but no more than most of the others. I’m grudgingly optimistic he might be a little better on street-level improvements, though being anti-transit really washes out that position in a lot of ways.

    The real reason the tabloids don’t like him is he is pro-Fourth Amendment. Certainly on civil liberties, de Blasio probably is the least bad.

  • Mark Walker

    Wayne Barrett is a great reporter. More information never hurts.