Today’s Headlines

  • More Coverage of Speed Cam Rollout: News, Post, AdvanceGothamist, WNYC, WCBS
  • WPIX Commentator Rants Against Speed Cams, Warning “Law-Abiding Citizens” About Them
  • More Infotainment From WPIX, Which Calls NYC Traffic “Survival of the Fittest”
  • Fight Over Parking Spot in Inwood Includes Baseball Bat and Gunfire (DNA)
  • Brookings Experts Cite LA’s Villaraigosa as Transit Inspiration for NYC’s Next Mayor (News)
  • Lhota Interested in Moving DOT Headquarters to Staten Island (Advance)
  • Bike-Share 311 Calls Have Dropped Since May, But Calls to Toll-Free Number Unreported (WSJ)
  • Fordham Road BID Seeking to Manage Plaza Undergoing DOT Reconstruction (Bronx Times)
  • After Resigning, Vito Lopez Continued to Enjoy Assembly’s License Plate Perks (News)
  • WCBS Declares Victory Over Bike Rack After Quinn Tells DOT to Remove It for Coffee Vendor
  • DOT Unveils First in Series of Pavement Art Murals Beneath Bike-Share Station in Tribeca (DNA)
  • Want to Enjoy Your Commute? Ride a Bike, Read a Book, or Drive a Porsche, Says the Post

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  • Driving a Porsche to work in Manhattan is despicable on a number of levels, particularly because no matter where you park it, you’re a jerk. Park it on the street? You’re a moron. Park it in a garage? Well then why did you take a Porsche to work if it’s just going to sit in a concrete tomb all day?

    The bike riding guy did a lot to enhance our cause. I never thought to tell other people that my bike commuting means that I see, hear, and do stuff that they’d never know about if they just took the subway everywhere (or worse, cabs). That commuter traffic is a huge boon for businesses that sit along bike corridors… imagine having an extra couple-hundred customers a day (out of potentially thousands) because they’re not travelling UNDERNEATH you non-stop anymore…

  • Jeff

    For those who read the Post article about the Porsche driver, here is the terrifying fact that you must remember about this Porsche driver who uses his driving commute into Manhattan to catch up on email and phone calls: In his mind, it is his absolute right to do this while driving. If he were to cut you off, for example, and you were to confront him, he would blame you for creating road conditions (i.e. riding your bike) that make it difficult for him to continue multitasking while driving. Why can’t we have more traffic calming measures? Because catching up on emails and text messages while driving necessitates wide, open lanes and large turning radii at intersections.

    Remember: You, and the street life of the city as a whole, are but an impediment to this man’s right to mobile productivity.

  • Andres Dee

    @Brian. IMO, it matters more how you drive than what you drive. If you walk when you have the opportunity and drive a Porsche when your trip needs a car, God bless you. If you drive a solar-powered car for every errand and are a jerk at crosswalks, your choices suck.

  • Anonymous

    WPIX: A speed camera “violates the 6th amendment clause that states we all have a right to face our accuser — and how can we face a camera?”

    Right, except for the part of the 6th amendment that say “In all criminal prosecutions”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that an automated speeding ticket counts as a criminal prosecution.

    Even if it were, the same argument applies to all types of physical evidence: in a trial, you can face the witnesses who are responsible for gathering or analyzing the evidence (e.g., those who are in charge of the speed cameras).

  • Multiple nightclubs, actually. Yeah, I didn’t realize that was the infamous Mateo from uptown until it was spelled out on Streetsblog. Check out the comments on the Inwood community Facebook page about this latest travesty of his. No love lost on that guy.

  • krstrois

    WPIX should stick to what they do well: yule log.

  • Guest

    Is the idea that moving DOT to Staten Island will purge it of staff who don’t drive, and return it to its rear guard, who always lived on SI in disproportionate numbers?

  • Ian Turner

    I never understood the 6th amendment argument with traffic enforcement cameras. If somebody commits murder and records it on video, nobody thinks they should not be prosecuted just because there are no live witnesses.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of baseball bats, the Times has a terrific photo of an earlier-era stickball game, in its City Room post on the upcoming (12 noon) “Stickball Challenge” in Brooklyn:

    I’m guessing it was shot in the 1950s on a side street in East Harlem. What jumps out is the huge width of the street, w/o cars, save for a few parked cars way out in the outfield.

    The real “stickball challenge” today ought to be about creating more livable streets like the one in the photo.

  • Anonymous

    Any more news on Mohammed Himon the cabby who severed Sian Green’s leg? My blood is still boiling over that whole shit show!