Today’s Headlines

  • Times Endorses Quinn and Lhota in Primary
  • To the Daily News, Cyclist Shares Responsibility With Cab Driver for Midtown Crash Horror
  • Outstanding Opinion Piece on Cab Violence and Traffic Justice in the Post
  • Turning Truck Driver Kills 73-Year-Old Crossing Houston Street; No Charges (NBC)
  • MTA Bus Driver Seriously Injures 11-Year-Old Boy on Bike in Cypress Hills (News)
  • Cyclists Ask DOT to Pick Up the Pace Restriping Bike Lanes on Repaved Streets (Bklyn Paper)
  • Clyde Haberman Sits Down With Straphangers’ Gene Russianoff (NYT)
  • Bloomberg Expected to Discuss NYC’s New Speed Cam Program Today (AP)
  • 107 Road Rage Crashes in Manhattan This Year; AAA: That’s Just How It Is (Post)
  • Anthony Weiner Involved in Three-Car Crash on FDR, No One Hurt (NYT)
  • MTR Wraps Up Its Five-Part Series on Funding Transit With Value Capture

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  • Steve O’Neill

    AAA story is classic. All the road rage is because of pedestrians and cyclists. Sounds just like the Himon story.

    “It’s highly congested,” said Sinclair. “You have all these cars, pedestrians, and cyclists crammed into a small space.

  • Frank Dell

    I wish I was still a member of AAA so that I could resign in disgust.

  • Traff

    I think that’s the first time I’ve agreed with something in The Post. What is the world coming to?

  • Bolwerk

    I can’t decide whether Lhota or Quinn is the best Republikan for the job. Lhota may actually be better about transportation.

  • Larry Littlefield

    You mean Walder. I felt better about Lhota before I saw an interview with Bond Buyer media on the internet, in which he said the MTA didn’t borrow for operating costs, only capital costs.

    I can’t believe he had never heard of “reimbursable (operating) expenditures,” which became “reimbursable” by borrowed capital funds after the city and state cut off capital funding — never to be restored — in the deep early 1990s recession.

  • Anonymous

    Reply to Daily News:

    “The driver lost control” – implying that it was the car that went out of control.


    The driver lost control, of himself.

    Then he deliberately slammed the cab into the cyclist, up onto the sidewalk and into the young lady’s leg at high speed.

    Drivers losing control of themselves – Road Rage and deliberate assault of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers – is a daily occurrence in New York. Drivers are killing one pedestrian or cyclist nearly every day.

    The NYPD does not know how to deal with this epidemic. They don’t have enough crash investigators, the cops don’t understand traffic laws, they refuse to release the limited crash info they do collect. They have “other” priorities. If someone threatens you with a gun, “That’s important – someone might get killed by a gun.” and cops by the dozen will turn out to get that gunman. Threaten you with a car, the cops yawn, even though cars are killing as many New Yorker’s as guns!

    The District Attorneys won’t press traffic death and assault cases. The Taxi and Limo Commission is certified brain dead. In the few traffic cases that do get to courts, the judges don’t understand traffic law either, and few are convicted.

    There is a systemic failure in the Police enforcement, DAs and Court system that ENCOURAGES this epidemic of driver criminal insanity. This driver insanity is not caused by bicyclists, messengers, pedestrians or English tourists. It’s caused by drivers who keep loosing control of themselves, with no accountability or repercussions.

  • Andres Dee

    I can’t say I truly know what happened on 6th Avenue, but for the News to decide that it does because “we know the type” is vile. Such a statement would not be acceptable in 2013 NYC if it were made on the overt basis of race, say.

  • Guest

    He loses credibility every time he talks about building park and ride lots at the ends of the subway lines. What is he going to do, tear down the working class neighborhoods there? Displace families and businesses, foreclose opportunities for transit oriented growth, so that suburban residents (not even NYC voters?!) can add traffic to their neighborhoods while they drive in to get the best seats on the train?

    It doesn’t make sense, but it’s a vile disregard for responsible development and the communities he clearly doesn’t care about.