Today’s Headlines

  • Cabbie Maims Woman on Sidewalk; Some Outlets Quick to Blame Cyclist (News, WNBC, Post 1, 2)
  • Eight Injured, Including Two Cops, in Pursuit of Driver Wanted for Hit-and-Run (WCBS, WNBC)
  • TLC Pursuing Impostor Boro Taxis; Seeking to Ban Green Paint for All Livery Vehicles (NYT)
  • DOT Installing Bike and Ped Fixes Near Bronx River Greenway (DNANews 12Bronx River Alliance)
  • Woman Says Cop Knocked Her Off Her Bike in Order to Ticket Her (Gothamist)
  • Greenpoint Residents Want NYPD to Crack Down on Drag Racing (Bklyn Paper)
  • EDC: Nearly 82,000 Red Hook Ferry Passengers Since Memorial Day (News)
  • Verizon Joins Other Wireless Carriers in 36 Subway Stations (Crain’s)
  • Video: Two Men Enter War of Words Over West Village Parking Spot (The Weekly Nabe)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Is a Citi Bike Pro User (Daily Mail)

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  • Ridiculous that people who drive actually think that a cyclist can “force” a driver to veer 80 feet out of control at violent speeds without stopping. Sure, at 75mph, perhaps

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if this has been commented on already, but the Citi bike I rode yesterday had a new label on the handlebars with a warning about trucks’ blind spots. That addresses one of Gelinas’s concerns from a while ago, with which I agreed.

    It also had another label explaining where to find the bell. I remember that the difficulty with discovering that the bike actually had a bell was another early complaint.

  • Clarke

    Saw a photo on Twitter of the truck warning, but haven’t seen the bell one.

    Hopefully this will stop people from twisting the bell up.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody thinks that. They know it’s a god damned lie. BUT MANY OF THEM SAY IT ANYWAY. And law enforcement often chooses to act like they believe it too.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone share what the actual current written NYPD pursuit policy is?

  • Anonymous

    Why is the Times silent on the violence-hungry cabbie? They weren’t above, say, the woman-killed-by-the-elevator story. And this happened down the street from them. No way to fake “balance” this and still be respectable?

  • SteveF

    The cabbie is quoted as having lost control with the implication that it was the cab that was out of control. The reality is it was the cabbie, the driver, who went out of control. The cab driver has a history of serious traffic violations including red lights speeding, and they’re blaming the cyclist?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think this even needs to be said but the writing in the Daily Mail that accompanies those photos of Leonardo DiCaprio is the most useless and vapid 279 words that have ever been typed, written, thought, or vomited in order randomly out of spoiled alphabet soup.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the sort of thing that the celebrity-stalking tabloids publish every day. It’s just that you don’t usually read them! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I found the tweet with the photo, and here it is if anyone wants to take a look:

  • Bronxite

    The Bronx liveable streets improvements are very welcomed. I can’t wait for a safer Westbound connection after crossing the Bruckner Draw Bridge.


    I noticed the new lanes down Westchester Ave East of Southern Blvd too. Now only if we could get stripes down Westchester Ave West of Southern Blvd or Southern Blvd itself. Would make for a direct Manhattan bound connection from a much larger chunk of the Bronx.