Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Signs New Texting-and-Driving Penalties Into Law (WNYCAP)
  • State DOT: Pedestrian Median “Would Not Improve Safety” Where Ngozi Agbim Was Killed (Bklyn Paper)
  • More Coverage of Webster Avenue SBS Launch (NY1DNA)
  • Driver Critically Injured Woman Near Queens Plaza This Morning (DNA)
  • Feds Suspend Disability Payments for 600 LIRR Retirees Accused of Fraud (NYT)
  • Imaginary Problem: Bike Congestion. Real Problem: 7.5 Million Cars in One City. (NYT)
  • Get to Know the Bike-Hating Guy Who Got a Megaphone From the Times (Bklyn Spoke)
  • Navy Man Charged With Perjury For Fake DWI Alibi (NYT)
  • Bike Snob: Where Was the NYPD Ticket Blitz on Drivers When Zipcar Launched?
  • Setting Up Cyclist Ticket Traps Must Be Much Easier for Cops Than Cracking Down on This… (Gothamist)
  • The New York City Bench Renaissance (NYT)

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  • Anonymous

    Funny coincidence: Gary Taustine published an essay about rebuilding the Twin Towers right next to that other distinguished anti-bike commentator: Tal Barzilai! The book’s name is “Debacle: Failing to Rebuild the Twin Towers”.

  • Peter

    What a cop-out by Cuomo and the state legislature. Penalizing teens for texting-while-driving, while not putting similar penalties on adults is completely bogus. Adults are just as guilty as teens of this behavior.

  • krstrois

    Love the Brooklyn Spoke piece.

    These guys like Taustine remind me of ultra religious people who look at porn for a very long time so they can describe its many vices in detail. You have to kind of love it a little to hate it so much, no? Like your hatred is really lovingly detailed. Anyway. Good morning.

  • Ian Turner

    Indeed, it’s quite bogus to push this requirement only on those who can’t vote.

  • Daphna

    It’s very depressing as per WNYC that “The new law applies to drivers with learner’s permits and probationary or junior licenses.” The stronger penalties should also apply to those with a driver’s license.

    It is also depressing that the Assembly in Albany failed to advance legislation that would have allowed police to ticket or arrest drivers who injure/kill pedestrians/cyclists whether or not the police officer observed the collision, as long as the police have reasonable cause to suspect an infraction on the part of the driver that led to the harm they caused to the vulnerable road user.

    It is also depressing that both the Assembly and the Senate failed to advance giving purple blinking lights to SBS.

    In hindsight, it would have been better off if Staten Island had been left off of the SBS routes because it is Staten Island’s city councilmember (Vincent Ignizio) and State Senator (Andrew Lanza) who are leading the charge against the SBS blinking lights and who are worsening the quality and success potential of SBS as a result.