Today’s Headlines

  • BK CB 6 Ignores Committee and Public Workshops, Votes No on 4th Ave Safety (Bklyn Paper, News)
  • Michael Pratt, 25, Killed While Skateboarding After Collision With MTA Bus in Brownsville (News)
  • DNA Relates the Pain and Confusion for Marvin Ramirez’s Family After Fatal Crash at Park and 108th
  • DOT Proposes Bike Lane Upgrade for Vernon Boulevard in LIC, Astoria (Queens Courier)
  • Pedestrians Flee as Upstanding Citizen Uses Car-Free Path as Motorcycle Speedway (Advance)
  • Alleged Bank Robber Drives Onto 31st Street Sidewalk Before Fleeing on Foot (Post, MTR)
  • Jackson Heights PARK Smart Reforms Go Into Effect (Queens Gazette)
  • City Begins Distributing Outer-Borough Taxi Licenses (Post)
  • How Long Will the Rest of NYC Wait for Bike-Share in Their Neighborhoods? (TNR)
  • Times Explains: More Cyclists Mean Safer Bicycling
  • Wall Street Journal Really Wants You to Know That There Is a Bike Lobby

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  • Anonymous

    Very disappointed in CB 6 but seems par for the course for Park Slope.

  • Anonymous

    Park Slope is generally supportive of safer streets. Many Park Slopers show up to DOT meetings to provide positive feedback and there are efforts to have slow zones implemented on 6th and 8th Avenues. Don’t let this CB6 vote and NBBL fool you.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that from now on the eighteen members of CB 6 who voted against traffic calming on 4th Ave. are visited, personally, by the families of all the people who die and are seriously wounded on that stretch of road. I want to hear them explain to the grieving why people had to die for the greater good of a few left turns.

  • Anonymous

    From the comments on the Brooklyn Paper website, it appears you are quite right. Most of the Park Slope residents (or at least those claiming to be be residents) seem outraged at the decision.

  • NYFM

    4th Avenue is a super highway with several subways running under it and many Park Slopers seem to like it that way.

  • Daphna

    Park Slopers do not like 4th Avenue unsafe. Rather, 18 people on Brooklyn Community Board 6 like 4th Avenue unsafe. (If just 5 of those 18 changes their vote, it would have been a majority in favor.) The full Board did not hear the full presentation on this plan from the DOT as their Transportation Committee did. They likely did not go to the public workshops. They chose not to listen to their Transportation Committee whose members were much better educated about this plan and in a much better place to be making a decision. They chose not to listen to what the public in their neighborhood wants. Community Boards can be very dysfunctional. Partly to blame is Marty Markowitz for appointing half of these members. The city council representatives appointed the other half. So often the elected officials will appoint people who share their same prejudices. Markowitz has been an enemy of safer street re-designs.

    I wish the DOT would ignore this Brooklyn CB6 vote. The DOT had to ignore Manhattan CB10 regarding Adam Clayton Powell. That street was unsafe. The DOT presented one plan after another to the Transportation Committee of CB10. They said no to all changes; instead they wanted the 12′ wide lanes kept and asked that the speed limit be raised on ACP to 35mph. They are advisory only. The DOT finally had to ignore their objection. Now ADP from 110th to 155th has narrower 11′ lanes and has one less lane in each direction replaced by a buffer on the median alternating with left turn bays.

  • Bolwerk

    Well, the lobby thing resonates with them. Neo-con goons don’t think anyone should be allowed to be politically organized except…neo-con goons.

  • Daphna

    Natalie Musumeci at the Brooklyn Paper did a balanced job reporting the Brooklyn CB6 vote. I was impressed because the Brooklyn Paper often has reported in an unbalanced, negative way about safer street re-designs. The vote was 18 opposed, 9 in favor, 4 abstaining. It would have only taken 5 people voting differently to change the outcome. It seems the whole plan is being sunk based on concern over left turn restrictions. This is a shame. The plan would be implemented with thermoplast, paint, flexible delineators, planters and stone benches – all of which are removable. If those 8 left turn restrictions proved problematic, any or all could be reversed. Something so minor as that is not a good reason to sabotage a good plan. Tom Miskel, chair of the Transportation Committee, reversed his “yes” vote in committee to a “no” vote at full Board after having second thoughts about the left turn restrictions. Sonya Baehr, posing with a sign asking to keep the street dangerous, should go down in infamy. It seems unfortunately that City Councilman Brad Lander even was against this plan unless the left turn restrictions were taken out.

    DOT hires consulting firms to do extensive studies about every aspect of movement on the street prior to presenting a plan for changes. I wish the community would trust the engineers who have studied the street and at least try out a change before rejecting it. This change is not being done with concrete. If those in the community who are afraid of change – if their fears turn out to be justified and the turn restrictions do not work – they could have easily been altered. But their fears of traffic mayhem from left turn restrictions may have proved unjustified.

    Can somebody reach out to Brad Launder? If he changes his mind and supports this, then the DOT might go forward despite the CB6 vote. Or possibly Brad Launder could help educate his community board members and could encourage CB6 to hold a new vote. Melissa Mark-Viverito had to do this with Manhattan CB11 when they voted against 1st and 2nd Avenue bike lanes after initially voting for them. She came out strongly in favor of the lanes and was helpful in CB11 having a new vote that came out in favor.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    Does anyone have the powerpoint regarding the bike lanes on Vernon Blvd?

  • congratulations BK CB6. The redesign plan FAIL!!!!

  • As much as I like the idea of going ignoring the CB vote,I wonder if it’s better for the overall cause of street safety redesigns to let that community hash it out? Spend the effort and money on neighborhoods that want these kinds of changes—they’ll be more desirable places to live. Unfortunately that means leaving this particular population vulnerable to having a dangerous speedway in the middle of their neighborhood.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96
  • Stacy Walsh Rosenstock

    Vernon Blvd Bike Lane looks awesome. Now all we need are some CitiBikes stations along the route.

  • Marty’s Queens Blvd plan… I mean Brooklyn Blvd.

  • Uh, is it just me or does that vernon “upgrade” involve removing bike lanes and repalcing with sharrows to add 35 parking spaces? And in other areas, reducing the bike lane to 4 feet while making the car lane 13 feet????


  • Daphna

    Yes, you are right. It is more like a downgrade in places to Vernon Blvd. The Transportation Alternatives Queens Activist Committee and Steve Scofield have some concerns and have a google groups discussion about it:!topic/tawq/Ijdpd41v2Uo

  • FYI, NYC Bike Share recruiting event Monday and Tuesday, at Workforce 1 Center, 168-46 91st St, 2d Fl, Jamaica, be there by 10:30 and ask for Rafaela or Stephanie. Hiring drivers, dispatchers and service techs.