Colbert Gets in on This Whole Rabinowitz Thing

It’s not quite as brilliant as Al Madrigal’s segment on the Daily Show last week, but Stephen Colbert’s riff on Dorothy Rabinowitz at the end of this clip is totally worth your time this morning.

  • Lucille Bluth’s older sister. Yes.

  • Daphna

    Colbert makes fun of Dorothy Rabinowitz but in a very off-topic way. He showed a clip of her interview when she said that taxis are not the danger on our streets, but bicyclists are. It would have been great if Colbert could have stated the number of people killed by drivers each year in NYC (around 300) versus the number killed by bikes (0) and shown a chart of those numbers. In the clip she also mentioned the danger of bicyclists on sidewalks. Colbert could have followed that with dozens of pictures of recent motorists on sidewalks. He could have used his platform to raise awareness and educate people. But he just wants to say outrageous things to make people laugh.

  • kevd

    I can’t attribute this to Rabinowitz. But, there has been an absurd amount of crazy-pants, foul-mouthed vitriol directed me the past couple days by old people while I was doing absolutely nothing wrong on my bike (stopped at a red light, waiting behind backed up traffic in the right hand lane for example). If nothing else, Rabinowitz does seem to have her finger on the pulse of the very old and very angry in NY.

  • carma

    daphna, while i agree, we have way too many incidents of dangerous sidewalk crashing motorists. its great that we have satire in nutcases like rabinowitz. just laugh it off. no need for a comedian to raise awareness

  • carma

    rabinowitz has got to win the NIMBY award for 2013…. along with the certifiable nutcase award of 2013

  • Joe R.

    Just curious-where are you riding that you’re getting these kinds of comments? I’ve been riding for 35 years. I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve gotten those sorts of comments. It seems to me that most of the anti-bike vitriol is concentrated in the wealthier parts of Manhattan, and in the Hasidic parts of Brooklyn. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist elsewhere, but I would say I can ride for months without hearing anything negative.

  • Joe R.

    And I think her award should be a nice broomstick with her name etched in it.

  • kevd

    Me too!
    I was in mid-town, which I rarely go to.
    Nothing like an 85 year-old man cursing at you when you stop at a red light well before the cross-walk.

  • Joe Enoch

    I would think a pearl necklace for her to clutch would be a nice award but I’m guessing she has enough of those so I propose we get her a compilation of ’60s rock music which she can blame on the downfall of kids these days.

  • Anonymous

    Worry-beads, or a rosary — the latter to annoy Mrs. Rabinowitz.

  • Anonymous

    He just wants to make people laugh… maybe because he is a comedian?

    I don’t understand all the griping in Streetsblog comments whenever anyone famous says anything related to transportation that isn’t exactly what a TA spokesperson would/should say.

    I found Colbert’s jokes funny even if they were largely focused on “begrimed” as a seemingly archaic word.

  • Anonymous

    Ewwwww, you want to give Dorothy Rabinowitz a pearl necklace? That’s gross!

  • It’s more in keeping with his comedic style to break down her credibility than to shout out random numbers. Of course those numbers are important, but it helps that people like you can post them here once she has been proven not trustworthy.
    He’s doing his part to advance the progress toward a safer city in the best way he can.


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