Why Dan Rides

Photo copyright Dmitry Gudkov

Dan had just come back from a trip to the dentist via Citi Bike. He was full of ideas about how he will use bike share. Rather than replacing the subway, Dan said Citi Bike may change which lines he takes.

“I live in lower Manhattan but my studio (Dan is an artist) is in Sunset Park. Normally I take the F and transfer in Brooklyn. I’d rather take the D from Manhattan — it’s faster and more direct — but the station is a little far to walk. Now I think I’ll just hop on one of these.

“Often, I want to use a bike for only one leg of a trip. If I’m going somewhere to pick up a large package, I don’t want the hassle of a bike for the return trip. And of course any crosstown trip is going to be much easier.

“My favorite thing is docking them. When I bring my own bike somewhere, I have my two locks, and then it’s in the back of my mind, is it going to be there when I come back? I love that I can just dock the bike and forget about it.”

  • J

    This is such an excellent series. Can we compile them and send to the editorial board at the Observer? Those guys just don’t seem to get the concept.

  • Anonymous

    I agree! I live in Sunset Park and work in Brooklyn Heights – I find it annoying to transfer from the D to the 4/5 at Atlantic/Pacific. So now I take the D two stops to Atl/Pac and hop on a CitiBike for the last mile and a half to work instead of transferring. Exact same commute time, 100% more fun.

  • carma

    I live in queens. I take the m r but have to transfer to the e to get to port authority. Instead of xferring and losing a seat. I simply take any train whereever it goes then get off and hop on a bike. I actually save time by not waiting



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