Today’s Bike-Share Headlines

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  • As Citi Bike Passes Member Number 17,500, a Look at How It Fits Into Bloomberg Legacy (NYT)
  • Want to Learn Bike-Share Basics? The Times, WSJ, and WNYC Have Got You Covered
  • Pete Donohue: NYC Survived 9/11 and Sandy, “I Think We’ll Be Okay” With Bike-Share (News)
  • Bike-Share Quieted the Skeptics in London, And It Will in New York, Too (Guardian)
  • Citi Bike Opens Union Square Key Fob Pick-Up Location (Twitter) for Those Delayed In Mail (Gothamist)
  • Nicole Gelinas Talks Bike-Share, With Emphasis on Safety Around Trucks (YouTube)
  • No Successful Bike-Share Requires Helmets, So of Course the Post Wants Them Required for Citi Bike
  • Daily News Wants “Bikestat” Data But Is Silent When It Comes to What’s Actually Killing New Yorkers
  • After Working With DOT on Planning Process, CB Chairs Johnson, Gruber Slam Bike-Share Sites (V’ger)
  • At Art Protest, Sean Sweeney Says Paris Wouldn’t Put Bike-Share by the Louvre, Except They Did (Post)
  • Have No Fear, “Doctor” Frank Arroyo, Bike-Share Will Boost Bicycle Sales (Post)
  • The New York Post: The Official Wet Blanket of NYC
  • Brooklyn Paper Reporters Have Never Met an Anti-Bike Crank They Won’t Build a Story Around (1, 2)
  • NIMBY Lawyer Jeffrey Barr Resorts to Dog Pee as Reason to Oppose Bike-Share (News)
  • Observer on NIMBYs: “We Just Hope That These People Don’t Catch Wind of How Dangerous Cars Are”

Happy Memorial Day, Streetsblog readers. Citi Bike goes live at 11:00 a.m. You better believe we’ll have coverage throughout the day.

  • Peter

    It’s here! It’s here! It’s here… *checks watch* It’s almost here! It’s almost here It’s almost here!

  • Ben Kintisch

    I hope that in a few waves of expansion there will also be bike share stations in all of Williamsburg, including the heart of the S. Williamsburg Satmar neighborhood. The kids in that ‘hood love to bike!

  • Guest

    The Post’s era of idiocy and irrelevance ends at 10:59 AM today. After 11 AM it’s a bike share world.

  • Someone from the Post was trawling for people unhappy about the USPS issues. They did at least include what citibike was doing to make up for it, so at least it had all of the relevant information.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    That NY Post of the bike stolen during installation is hilarious!

    But as for the Frank’s Bike Shop story, I still go to his bike shop to get my personal bike fixed, he’s still one of the best bargains around when it comes to repairs. Plus, bike shops and Bike N Roll is still popular with tourists to rent bikes all day, since Citi bike is for shorter trips and you have to return to a kiosk every 30 minutes. I would love to see some more economic figures on how the Citi bike will affect businesses, particularly bike shops, positive or negative.

  • Joe R.

    Of course the Post rolls out the meaningless 97% percent of people killed on bikes weren’t wearing helmets statistic to make its point. Try some more recent studies, like this one:

    Among the conclusions: “According to the new studies, no overall effect of bicycle helmets could be found when injuries to head, face or neck are considered as a whole.”

  • Daphna

    In the event of theft of a citibike, another protection that the system has against theft is that each bike has GPS in it.

  • Ben Kintisch

    The article about the bike shop does seem kind of silly. I think that the gentleman will ultimately sell more bike. He may just need to hang a nice big sign that the hundreds of bike share users can see.