Cab Driver Seriously Injures Cyclist on Upper West Side

A cyclist was struck and injured by a cab driver at 81st and Broadway this afternoon.

A spokesperson said FDNY got the call at 2:20 p.m., and that responders transported a 35-year-old male in serious condition to St. Luke’s Roosevelt. A tipster who alerted us to the crash and took the photo said the victim was a delivery cyclist. She described the scene as “Bad.” Judging from the photo, the cab driver barely missed mounting the curb.

NYPD confirmed the collision between a cab driver and cyclist and said there may have been a third vehicle involved, but had nothing more when we called, a little over an hour after the crash.

If anyone has further info, let us know.

This crash occurred in the 20th Precinct. To voice your concerns about neighborhood traffic safety directly to Deputy Inspector Brian A. McGinn, the commanding officer, go to the next community council meeting. The 20th Precinct council “usually” meets on the fourth Monday of each month, except in July and August, at precinct, 120 W. 82nd Street, at 7:00 p.m. Call 212-580-6428 for more information.

The City Council district where this crash occurred is represented by Gale Brewer. To encourage Brewer to take action to improve street safety in her district and citywide, contact her at 212-873-0282, or @galeabrewer.

  • Mark Walker

    I live on the UWS. Broadway devotes a total of eight lanes to cars: six for movement and two for storage. There are also loading zones at certain times of day. Surely the UWS equivalent of Main Street could accommodate protected bike lanes in each direction.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    Agreed. Due to the configuration of Broadway from Columbus Circle up to at least W 168th Street, this can be easily accommodated. Yet political will is the biggest obstacle, as always.

  • Tabloid reader

    Imagine the outrage if this vehicle had been blue and shaped like a bicycle.

  • Andrew

    Whoops! I’m sure it was just an accident. Nothing to see here, folks.

  • Brian
  • Unfortunate

    This is an unfortunate accident, but considering the amount of times I’ve seen a cyclist go flying through a red light while completing ignoring pedestrians and possible cars, I’d place my bets that the delivery biker was in the wrong 100%.

  • Ian Turner

    It’s a bit premature to call it an accident, don’t you think?

  • Wha?

    So you didn’t witness this, but you’re 100% sure it was the cyclist’s fault?