T-Minus 10 Days to Citi Bike Launch

The Rob Ford crack-smoking video is sucking the oxygen from every other bike-related story on this Bike to Work Day, but it looks like a good number of New Yorkers are keeping their eyes on the prize: Today is the last day to get a Citi Bike membership in time to ride on the day the system launches, May 27.

Twitter sources indicate the number of Citi Bike memberships has hit the 13,000 range. Back on Tuesday, the number was about 10,000.

Five years ago, bike-share was something they did in France, and a large-scale system like the one that will launch at the end of the month didn’t seem to be in the cards for New York. There have been plenty of setbacks for NYC bike-share in the past year, but now here we are, 10 days from the launch of a new transit system.

  • Ben Kintisch

    I’m waiting eagerly for my founding member key fob and my wife’s to arrive. Also, I saw a Citibike van passing me on Franklin Ave. and I cheered.

  • Anonymous

    Two CitiBike stations are being installed today near my workplace! Yay!

    Oh, wait… 13,000 signups??? I totally didn’t expect that. I’m really beginning to worry if there will be enough bikes!

  • Larry Littlefield

    I should have starting getting around by bike a couple of decades before I did. It seemed impractical, and substantial expenses and effort were required before it could be tried.

    But now, if you live and work in the service area, or take take commuter rail or ferries to the service areas and are beyond walking distance, it could be tried for $95 per year, plus the purchase of a helmet if you feel you need it. Big difference.

  • Born Here

    You’ll need 80,000 to be true 1%ers.

    Much for the few, few for the much.

    On Citicorp’s dime, no less! Go Bloomberg.

  • Mike

    I just realized why I haven’t seen it in Prospect Heights. I went on the map and saw that it is still in the planning stage. Does anyone know the timeline for the neighborhoods not yet included?

  • Anonymous

    Finally, someone coming out against . . . wait, what are you against?

    Oh, that’s right. People sharing bikes.

    That’s, like, so radical, dude.

  • Anonymous

    That’s two people for every bike, so I wouldn’t worry, yet. But if it grows as fast as I’m sure they hope it will… My question is, how will bike distribution work out? Will empty docks and dock blocking be a big issue? The system will be a big PITA if you can’t find a bike, or park it, when you need to.

  • Trustafarian

    It’s true! Spending $95 for a year instead of hundreds per month on car payments mean you must be part of the 1%!

  • Hilda

    Still think that Streetsblog should run a pool for people to guess how many members there will be in a year. Can enter as many times as you want, each entry is a $ pledge to Streetsblog, and there has to be cut-off date, maybe June 1st.
    But I do wonder if Citibike has skipped any numbers…

  • Anonymous

    I registered yesterday evening and my number was in the mid 13,300’s.

  • Anonymous

    And now I have my key.

    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

  • Ben Kintisch

    Looks so loverly!

  • Anonymous

    Have they been adding additional proposed stations continuously?


    I noticed that they now show stations in williamsburg; whereas before there were none, I think. Are they supposed to be part of the 2nd phase?

  • Ben Kintisch

    It’s not totally clear. Doug Gordon posted a photo of a bike share station in the edge of Park Slope. Maybe they are thinking that steadily expanding on a rolling basis will help the system grow in membership and usage. It seems like both Park Slope and Williamsburg will be huge areas for the program, and the sooner those two nabes are included, the more the system will grow.

  • Clarke

    The four in Williamsburg were not on the map at least when membership opened. Very excited they’ve been added, as it will increase LES-Williamsburg connections vastly (vs. taking J train over bridge and ending up much farther east, or walking and taking ~30 mins). Add a massive dock in the new Delancey St plaza and cross-bridge connection is made so simple.

    That’s definitely one thing that station planners will need to stress as system changes after rollout. Increased docks on either end of bridges, as they’re the easiest, grade-separated infrastructure that currently exists and can work as a halo for hesitant riders to try the system off-street.

  • Jared R

    I don’t have mine yet – I’m worried.

  • Jared R

    I was at work and I saw a flatbed with docks go by on 57th Street. I was unable to regulate my volume, but soon enough, most of my coworkers were at the window looking. “Are you sure those are for bikeshare?” – “I’m positive!”

  • Ari

    Of course those will be issues at some point. Hopefully, the build up is slow enough that Alta can learn how to manage the flow.

    As random as some trips are, most follow a pattern. Once they learn the pattern, they can adjust stations or be ready to move bikes. Or find some other solution.

  • carma

    100,000 by end of year.

  • carma

    got mine during weekend. woohoo

  • Greg

    Someone posted a picture of a station at Grand & Havemeyer in Williamsburg, which isn’t even on the *current* list of Williamsburg stations. Fascinating.

  • Anonymous

    Stations in Williamsburg were on the map when they first released it last year. They’re still still visible here, but they’re grayed out (along with Bed-Stuy and Queens):


    It looks like they’re adding stations back as they repair or replace the ones damaged by Sandy?

  • Anonymous

    Where’s my key? I’m a “founding member” too. Have others gotten theirs? I figured there’d be lots of reports when they started to arrive, but so far this is the only mention I’ve seen of someone getting one. Here’s waiting…

  • Greg

    I’m a “founding member” too and have also not gotten mine.

    I’m not worried at the moment. If May 17 was the deadline for registering to “get in” at the beginning, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started mailing on Saturday May 18th, so that Monday is the first practical day we could start getting our packages in the mail.

  • Anonymous

    That one was on the map (the furthest south station planned in this phase).

  • Anonymous

    I’m not worried, not the rational part of me anyway, just obsessive and impatient. I’ve been waiting for this since last summer.

  • Jared R

    I agree, that is a solid target. Totally doable.

  • Guan Yang

    Don’t forget that they will be able to track at least the number of bikes at each station in real time. They can send trucks to move bikes around even when the distribution doesn’t fit a regular pattern.

  • Anonymous

    Still haven’t gotten mine, so now I’m worried.

  • Jared R

    I got mine yesterday. It will probably be delivered tomorrow or Friday.

  • Really Unimpressed

    total chaos!

  • Really Unimpressed

    Opposition to CitiBike is growing so huge- the program’s likely to be a flop!


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