Today’s Headlines

  • Marty Golden and David Weprin Among Politicos Who Consider Themselves Above Traffic Rules (Post)
  • City Hires Firms to Improve Public Realm Along With Midtown East Rezoning (DCP via Curbed)
  • Elba Granizo, 75, Killed by Driver in Elmhurst (Times Ledger)
  • Leroy Comrie to Introduce Bill Requiring NYPD to Release Yearly Hit-and-Run Reports (News)
  • Finally, Motorists Get More Space on the Brooklyn Bridge (NYT)
  • Tri-State: NYS DOT Could Stand to Ramp Up Its Complete Streets Program
  • MTA Sees Nothing Wrong With G Train Service (Crain’s)
  • Post Nails Another Bike-Share Suit Exclusive, and Endorses John Liu’s Anti-Bike Platform
  • Brooklyn Bike Train Cyclists Find Security in Numbers (Bklyn Paper)
  • Dirt Bike Riders Tired of Running From Police, Want Their Own Park (DNA)
  • Starlight Park Reopens, Minus Connections to Bronx River Greenway (DNA)
  • Defending MLS Proposal, Bloomberg Says Park Land “Not the Only Thing People Need” (Post)

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  • Eric McClure

    Raise your hand if you’re surprised these clowns are parking scofflaws — even when they have placards that allow them to park almost anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps some of the recently built, huge and unused parking lots in the Bronx could be converted into dirt bike parks! 🙂

  • In the quick evolution of bike share lawsuits we’ve gone from not in my neighborhood to not on my block to not on my side of the street. I guess we’re less than two weeks away from a lawyer serving an individual bike share user with a lawsuit for passing his clients on the street.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually quite pleased with the Brooklyn Bridge ramp expansion – I’ve been stuck in that backup nearly every time I’ve had to drive.

    But did you see the Twitter photo that the Times linked to in their story? It sums up New York drivers in one picture: illegally taking a picture from behind the wheel with two badges (including one printed on paper and hand-cut!) on the dashboard in an effort to avoid parking tickets.

    I can’t help but wonder if the person who took it thinks that cyclists don’t deserve new infrastructure because they break the law.

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know what the toll increases were on the Brooklyn Bridge to pay for these improvements? The article doesn’t mention anything.

  • Anonymous

    “Finally, Motorists Get More Space on the Brooklyn Bridge (NYT)”

    That’s a weird way for the dictatorial and evil JSK to execute her “War on drivers”.

  • Daphna

    This article was missed:

    Dobson, driving drunk and speeding, hit a divider near the BQE /
    Williamsburg Bridge and killed Janice Brown and injured herself and two
    others. Ayisha Dobson was charged with DUI and criminally negligent
    homicide. Brown was thrown from the car.

  • kevd

    And, to be honest those were some real bottlenecks for motorised traffic.

    Now to remedy the bottleneck of the bike/ped path.

  • Anonymous

    That’s probably very true. I was pointing out how ridiculous some of the inevitable comments about a JSK war against drivers are. She wants better streets for all, but these people think she is fighting against drivers, when in reality they are just afraid of change (even if it benefits them).

  • John

    Did you read the article? I don’t feel it’s appropriate to encourage dirt bikers (motorcyclists) in an urban environment. These machines are not for street riding, and a dedicated park won’t make dirt bikers into safe riders who follow traffic laws. One of the “bikers” in the story implied dirt bikers could serve as a role model for kids. Oh, really?!

  • I usually agree with Streetsblog, but 13 acres of park (a fraction of the park) is a small price to pay for a major new entertainment option like an MLS team. From what I understand most of that 13 acres isn’t really “green space” anyways.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    They wanna build it on Industry Pond, but the thing is MLS said they would invest in fixing up Flushing Meadows if their stadium went through, which people are skeptical of.

  • sawa

    though that increased access may just be part of an “eviler” plot to toll the bridge 😉

  • Eric McClure

    There’s no such thing as a “fraction of the park” in a city whose 9 million citizens lack for parkland. Here’s betting there’s 13 acres of private land to be had somewhere else in New York City.

  • Ian Turner

    Was the Brooklyn Bridge expansion approved by the relevant community boards?

  • Daphna

    That Brooklyn Bridge expansion depresses me. Supply induces demand. If you built it they will come. People will tolerate a certain amount of congestion and will make other transportation choices when the congestion exceeds their tolerance threshold. My guess is more people will drive and the Brooklyn Bridge will reach the same level of congestion that it had prior to this expansion. It is depressing that 500 million is being spent. How about fixing the extreme congestion on the bike/ped path on the bridge? That space needs to be tripled.

    Ian Turner is right. Was this road change brought to community boards for their approval as the DOT must do if they want to add any type of bike infrastructure to a road?

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    This is part of Contract 6 under a 2010 plan to rehabilitate the entire bridge and its approaches on both sides. Brooklyn Community Board 2 was made aware of capital plans to revamp the intersection of Adams and Tillary to improve traffic flow, eliminate turns, expand the pedestrian entrance, and upgrade the Adams Street bike lane to Class 1.

  • Bolwerk

    I don’t know that I agree with taking a park for a ball team, but it seems to me there is plenty of under-utilized park space around the city. What it needs is better transportation access.

  • How can that be right? ” “I” wasn’t there.”
    the above is a quote from some politicians who appear to be running for mayor.