StreetsPAC to Send Out Its First Candidate Questionnaire

NYC’s new safe streets political action committee is set to send out its first candidate questionnaire.

StreetsPAC has put together a 7-page doc that summarizes the committee’s agenda and solicits candidate responses to questions on traffic enforcement, transit, the use of street space, and more. It’s incredibly thorough, and should go a long way toward separating candidates who are serious about transportation reform from those who aren’t.

Launched in April, StreetsPAC aims to make livable streets an issue in the 2013 election, with a focus on races for City Council. The PAC will be sending the questionnaire to all candidates for council, mayor, district attorney, and borough president.

We’ll keep an eye out for questionnaire results and other StreetsPAC news.

  • Jabir

    I hope the questionnaire asks whether the candidate supports the PPW bike lane. That’s become my litmus test.

  • Albanese Supporter

    I hope the questionnaire asks whether the candidate supports the PPW bike lane. Full-throated support has become my litmus test.

  • Bicycle Sloth for Mayor

    Do they have a pre-filled out version for all of the candidates who agree with livable streets but don’t feel like filling out a 7 page form?

  • Ben Kintisch

    It’s kind of remarkable the difference having this new PAC makes. The other day I was speaking with a local candidate for city council. I mentioned my work as a volunteer with TA, and how I’m interested in making our streets safer for walking and biking. Response from the candidate: polite nodding, some vaguely positive discussion. When I sent this candidate an email with a little bit of information about StreetsPAC, he responded with a phone call the next day, and you could hear his enthusiasm. We might not like how money influences politicians, but it sure gets their attention for causes and interests, good and bad. StreetsPAC has huge potential to bring more attention to the cause of livable streets and active transportation.

  • Jeff

    Stupid question: How do we donate? Or am I not understanding how these things work?

  • Jeff

    Great, thanks!


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