Taxi Driver Hits Cyclist in Chelsea, Two Arrested on Undisclosed Charges

Yesterday at about 3:30 p.m., a taxi driver struck a cyclist on Seventh Avenue in Chelsea between 16th and 17th Street. Police made two arrests at the scene, though at this time NYPD is not revealing what they were charged with.

Seventh Avenue near 16th Street in Chelsea, where NYPD arrested two people after a taxi driver struck a cyclist yesterday. Photo; ##,-73.997812&spn=0.005381,0.007038&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=40.740233,-73.998458&panoid=vx1M1AI3sGNwWWiUCRmFUg&cbp=12,227.88,,0,-6.86##Google Maps##

“The front right wheel of cab had basically run over the back wheel of the bicycle,” said reader Sandy, who lives on the block and walked by the scene at about 4:00 p.m. She said the crash was in the right-most lane of Seventh Avenue, about two-thirds of the way between 17th Street and 16th Street.

FDNY says that EMS responded at 3:32 p.m. and left seven minutes later, although Sandy reports seeing an ambulance on the scene after 4:00. FDNY said that EMS did not transport anyone to a hospital.

NYPD reports that officers responded at 3:31 and made two arrests at the scene, though the Collision Investigation Squad was not involved. After 4:00, a police van arrived to assist the cruiser and officers already on the scene. According to Sandy, the handcuffed cab driver was standing by his vehicle in Seventh Avenue, which is the border between the 10th and 13th precincts. It’s not known who the other arrested individual was; Sandy said she did not see a cyclist on the scene.

We’ll update with more information as the story develops.

  • Anonymous

    at least it’s not “no criminality suspected” as usual.

  • The arrests could be completely unrelated to whatever caused the crash. For instance, if the cabbie and the cyclist got into a scuffle afterward, they might have both gotten cuffed.

  • ctp

    that’s certainly the conclusion i jumped to when i heard two people arrested…

  • Jesse


    Cyclist: scratching the cab’s paint while not wearing a helmet.

    Cabbie: failure to kill the witness.

  • Or there could have been old warrants. Cops love old warrants.

  • Daphna

    I doubt this is a case of the police arresting a driver for some sort of improper driving leading to the injury of a cyclist. More likely someone had an outstanding warrant or there was a fight between the driver and cyclist leading to arrests based on assault. The police do not care about assault when done by motor vehicle, but if there if a little shove or hit, even with no injury, the police will overreact and arrest. They do not even try to determine if there is injury or who was to blame. If someone claims another hit them, the police go with that accusation and arrest based on someone’s say so.

    A couple months ago I was biking through Times Square. I squeezed between an illegally double parked car and the moving cars. My basket lightly tapped the car by accident but did no damage whatsoever. The driver, in a fury, ran after me, pulled me off my bike, grabbed me, shook me and snatched my purse. The pedestrians watched it happen and were saying the driver assaulted me and they all got their cell phones out and started recording. The police were standing right on the corner and walked over. The driver realized public sentiment was against him; he relented and let me go and gave me back my purse. I got out of there as quick as I could. I definitely did NOT want to involve the police. I had a feeling they would take the driver’s side. It would be nice to hold drivers accountable when they behave wrongly towards cyclists, but I did not believe the police would be at all instrumental in this goal. I figured the longer I stayed around the more tickets the police would dream up to issue to me instead.

  • Guest

    Perhaps the perverse moral of the story is that taking justice into your own hands is the only means to get criminal drivers in front of a judge?

  • david

    cyclist and bike cuffed!