Today’s Headlines

  • In Daily News Interview, Prendergast Prepares MTA Riders for Fare Hikes and Service Disruptions
  • Gelinas: Quinn’s MTA Proposal Ignores Rising Costs and How to Pay The Bill (Post)
  • Midtown Hit-And-Run Driver Injures Pedestrian, Crashes Into Crane During Escape (Post)
  • Schumer: East River Ferry Expansion Will Get $1 Billion From Feds (Times Ledger)
  • CB 1 Supports Williamsburg Plazas and Bike Corrals (Bklyn Paper)
  • Even With Design-Build, Taxpayers Still at Risk of Tappan Zee Cost Overruns (LoHud)
  • Bloomberg Calls Tappan Zee Without Transit a “Terrible Mistake” (NewsCapNY)
  • The Mayor Says You Won’t See Him on Citi Bike, Though He’s Excited for Its Launch (News)
  • Steve Hindy: PBA Blocking Speed Cams Is Like Firefighters Opposing Sprinklers (Crain’s)
  • MTA Studies Straphanger Behavior to Design Subway Car of the Future (Gothamist, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Weiner Platform Includes Tax Breaks for Pro-Bike Employers, Says Congestion Pricing Is “Dead” (NYT)

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  • Bob

    One BILLION for ferries!? I love mass transit, but wouldn’t that money be better spent on SAS Phase 2? 10th Avenue 7 train stop? Gateway project? Etc, Etc, Etc…

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy about the speed cam bill, but only 40 cameras, and appreciate the Steve Hindy piece. But only 40 cameras for the 1,700 schools in New York City? Will they be moving them around?

  • Benjamin Kabak

    Holy hell. A BILLION for ferries? Is that right?

  • Jeff

    Hell yes. After years of following the livable streets movement, a new ped plaza is about to open literally around the corner from my house!

    Also, are these ferries going to have bowling allies, swimming pools, and other cruise ship ammenities?

  • moocow

    A billion dollars for ferries and the contract will most likely go to the NJ company who bilked taxpayers with padded and false bills related to Sept 11th and it’s fallout.
    NY Waterway is run by scumbags.

  • Mark Walker

    Ah, the Weinermobile runs down congestion pricing again. No second chances for this piece of baloney.

  • Ian Dutton

    “Midtown Hit-And-Run Driver Injures Pedestrian, Crashes Into Crane During Escape”…

    My prediction: driver is prosecuted for damaging property, “no criminality suspected” relating to running over person.

  • Bolwerk

    Promising things to the “middle class” should be a red flag to stay the hell away from a candidate. What Weiner really means is a swath of the population that has few useful skills, is contemptuous of outsiders and those they deem beneath them, and drives everywhere is worthy of special privileges. One of those privileges is not paying their share of the bills.

    Bloomberg pipes up about mass transit on the bridge now? He could have raised a stink back when Cuomo was in the midst of gutting the plans. What the hell is the point of saying something now? Our politicians are jerks even when they’re right.

  • Thats not what it says. It says ferries will compete for part of the $1bn pie.

  • Still waiting for a candidate who is not running for mayor of the New York Post newsroom.