Today’s Headlines

  • Vance Says His Office Already Seeing Results From NYPD Reforms, Calls for Speed Cams (AMNY)
  • Bloomberg to Police Union: Cops Instead of Cameras? “That’s Just Not Going to Happen” (News)
  • Study of Bellevue ER Admissions: Half of Injured Peds Either on Sidewalk or Crossing With Signal (NYT)
  • Driver With Suspended License Crashes Into Rockaways Church After Sandy Repairs (Post, News, NY1)
  • Cabbie in DWI Hit-and-Run Switcheroo “Didn’t Know His Passenger Was as Drunk as He Was” (Gazette)
  • DOT Rolls Out Bike Corrals Along Ninth Avenue Protected Bike Lane (DNA)
  • RPA Honors Thruway Chair, Praising Tappan Zee Bridge Project’s Extra Lane (LoHud)
  • Parks and DOT Tweak Astoria Waterfront Greenway After Complaints That Path Is Too Narrow (Gazette)
  • Jackson Heights Asks DOT for Slow Zone, Traffic Calming on Northern Boulevard (News)
  • Could Through-Running Trains Be a First Step to Addressing Penn Station’s Woes? (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • With Customers Citing Walkability, High-End Auto Dealers Open Shop on 11th Avenue (WSJ)
  • The Post Editorial Page Links Saudi Female Bike Decree to Sadik-Khan

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  • Eric McClure

    Is there a higher form of bike lane than the bike-parking-protected bike lane?

  • Anonymous

    RE: Tappan Zee Bridge honor. Is the Regional Planning Association still pushing its 1920s plan for New York? More room for cars and trucks on the TZ Bridge? Let’s bring back Robert Moses from the dead!

  • Eric McClure

    Also, WTF RPA?

  • It needs to be said: NYC has the highest level of police staffing per 100,000 citizens in the whole world. They could easily divert some staff into enforcing the speed limit.

  • Daphna

    Tonight there is a meeting of the Transportation Committee of Manhattan Community Board 8. They will be hearing the same presentation from the DOT that CB6 heard on Monday. Stephen Miller wrote about it on Streetsblog yesterday The DOT plan is for significant safety improvements to the Manhattan side of the Queensboro bridge approach. While community boards are advisory only, the DOT lets their votes count as if they are authoritative. The division between CB6 and CB8 is 59th Street so DOT is seeking approval from both community boards. Thus this planned improvement needs four positive votes from:
    Transportation Committee of Manhattan Community Board 6
    Transportation Committee of Manhattan Community Board 8
    Full Community Board 6
    Full Community Board 8

    Members of the public attended the Monday meeting of the Transportation Committee of CB6 and brought up many good questions and points. Public attendance in this manner is very helpful towards steering and nudging community boards to support safety improvements on city streets. I hope all who can will attend the Transportation Committee meeting of CB8 tonight. It is listed on the streetsblog calendar link.

  • Jesse

    what about some protection for the parked bikes too? bollard-protected-bike-parking-protected bike lanes.

  • Eric McClure

    +1. I’ve been trumped.

  • Bolwerk

    Consider the opportunity cost of that $3,900,000,000 bridge, and the word it should conjure is: theft.

    Here are better projects it could go to pay for, reality or fantasy: SAS, Gateway, 7toSecaucus, a subway to Staten Island, billions$ in Sandy repairs, higher speed train traffic to Albany or points north, and…I could go on. But Governor Chromo wants his car dude bridge.

  • Bolwerk

    NYC certainly has too many police, but I don’t know about it being highest. Paris’ police prefecture (Paris plus some surrounding environs totaling 6M people) has about 34,000, at least according to Wikipedos. Of course, they might just need to cover more ground than NYC.

  • Ian Turner

    Grade separation?

  • Ian Turner

    The Prefecture of Police of Paris includes equivalents to NYFD, Secret Service, DMV, parks enforcement (city & state) NYC Sheriff, Animal Control, and much else. If you made an apples-to-apples comparison (so to speak), I doubt that Paris would come out on top.

    However, there are plenty of other cities, even in the US, with more police officers than NYC, including several of our regional neighbors:

  • Bolwerk

    Hmm, fair enough. But looking internationally, US police forces don’t seem that crazy big. The crazy part of Amerikan “justice” is more what the police do, and how many people get incarcerated.

  • Joe R.

    I’ll gladly bring Robert Moses back if he could be reprogrammed to build more subways and bike infrastructure instead of highways. Honestly, we need both in a big hurry. I’d love someone who could ram these things right past the elected officials and the NIMBYs the way he did with highways. Granted, the highways dividing neighborhoods were an awful end result, but I admire the methods he used to get them built.

  • Larry Littlefield

    It is about 2 1/2 times the U.S. average, but I wouldn’t say it is the highest in the whole world.

    According to the 2007 Census of Governments, NYC had 565 police officers per 100,000 compared with at U.S. figure of 207. NYC used to be 3X the U.S. average, but has since fallen to 2 1/2 times.

    Other figures available for 2007: San Francisco 329, Baltimore 368, Suffolk County Mass (Boston) 327, St. Louis 385, Philadelphia 465. But Washington DC had 575, or somewhat more than NY.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Also Cook County (Chicago) had 412, so it is possible that the city alone had more than NYC. But Los Angeles County had 212, and Harris County Texas (Houston) had 169.

    Two officer patrols, even in perfectly safe neighborhoods, the majority in NYC. That’s probably the reason.

  • Andrew

    Gazette link is broken.

  • Anonymous

    @Andrew_J_C:disqus Thanks for flagging that. I’ve updated the post to link to a cached version of the Gazette article. The link was working when this post went live this morning.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty high up there ! Just need spilt phase signals for peds and this will be platinum grade….I LOVE the corrals … Convert parking space into more pedestrian space on the sidewalk… And no more biking on the sidewalk to and from the rack….