Today’s Headlines

  • Juliana Busto, 22, Killed in Sunnyside Crosswalk; “No Criminality Suspected” (Times Ledger, Post, News)
  • Bloomberg Blames Golden, Felder, Skelos for Budget Without Speed Cams (NYT, Gotham Gazette, NY1)
  • Wait, Don’t All Business Owners Have Knee-Jerk Reactions Against Livable Streets? (NYT)
  • TA Calls on Mayoral Candidates to Step Up for Street Safety (News)
  • MTA Board Member Cappelli: Bulk of Bonus Revenue Should Go to Restore or Expand Service (News)
  • Citing Penn Station Needs, Stringer Says City Should Reject MSG Request (News, DNA, Crain’s)
  • Cuomo Signs TZB Environmental Agreement With Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson (LoHud, Newsday)
  • $83 Million for 1,100 More Parking Spaces at LGA? No Problem, Says Port Authority (Times Ledger)
  • Sandy Recovery Package Includes $22 Million for Ferry Services (Post, News)
  • Community Affairs Chief Gets Promotion to NYPD’s Top Uniformed Job (News, Post)

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  • If the PA can pay $83m for those parking spaces, and if they serve a limited audience of people, then maybe it can justify spending 1/10th that on improvements on pedestrian and recreational cycling access to the GWB, which serves well more than 1,100 people a day in non-car traffic

  • Eric McClure

    The comments section of the Daily News story on TA’s proposed agenda for the next mayor indicates that “Real New Yorkers” are some sort of blend of Neanderthal and right-wing climate-change-denying Idaho survivalist. (Apologies to Neanderthals and right-wing climate-change-denying Idaho survivalists.)

  • Anonymous

    On TZ Bridge. It is sad that Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson had to cave to Cuomo. I guess they saw the writing on the wall, and figured they could get a few crumbs for the river itself. Maybe they’re hoping for something else when Cuomo becomes president in 2016.

    The fact is that the oversized bridge will undermine efforts to reduce sprawl, fracking, and carbon emissions. A really sad day for the Hudson Valley and New York, and for me, who wishes our governor would read Streetsblog once in a while. Capn Transit says it best:

  • Ian Turner

    Meanwhile, LGA does not have any bicycle parking. :/

  • The next mayor should focus on improving the roadways instead of having install bike lanes. The roads are getting crappier.

  • The next mayor should focus on improving the roadways instead of having install bike lanes. The roads are getting crappier.

  • Voter

    Improving roadways and installing bike lanes are not mutually exclusive.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Daily News commenters does not equal “Real New Yorkers.” Daily News Commenters are people who read the Daily News and comment on it.
    It’s not as bleak as reading that makes you think…why I just saw that Ben Kintisch commented lotsa times! He’s not a Neanderthal! I think.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure that “Real New Yorkers” is a standard Streetsblog shorthand for “people imagined only by idiots of Hainline/Steisel proportions to be authentic New Yorkers.”

  • Ari

    I just ran the rough numbers. They will profit from the parking spaces. The same can’t be said for your comment about the GWB, unless ped/bikers start paying to cross the bridge.

  • Bolwerk

    Here’s to hoping more of those “Real New Yorkers” join their fascist ilk down in Florida.

  • Bolwerk

    Without rail, there is no excuse for that bridge. If rail is too expensive, which may well be the case, then the bridge is too expensive, and we don’t need a new bridge.

  • So, cars only from now on, everywhere everytime, because even quasi-public corporations insist on having a profit model? I ought to count on the sidewalk on my block caving in because I ain’t paying a toll on it? That seems to be how the PA views pedestrian accessibility – a burdensome expense for building & maintenance on a project that costs 100x as much to build & maintain for automobile facilities.

    Also worth saying, they never ask for money – $1 per crossing might be something all of us would cough up, and based on the number of crossings per year by people who would cough up that money as a negligible expense to their recreation, it just might profit them to install a couple mil worth of accessible switchbacks and paths on the GWB for both sides of the river, for both north and south paths. Something that, really, they’re almost compelled to install anyway, or else they’re discriminating against disabled pedestrians.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see those rough numbers.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Yes I get it now. Point being, we can make comments, too.

  • Andrew