Council Transpo Committee Approves Speed Camera Resolution

The City Council transportation committee has overwhelmingly passed a resolution in support of NYC’s first-ever speed camera program.

The vote was 10-1, with Vincent Ignizio voting against. Darlene Mealy and Eric Ulrich were absent.

Here’s the roll call:

James Vacca: Y
Gale Brewer: Y
Dan Garodnick: Y
David Greenfield: Y
Vincent Ignizio: N
Peter Koo: Y
Oliver Koppell: Y
Jessica Lappin: Y
Darlene Mealy: Absent
Ydanis Rodriguez: Y
Debi Rose: Y
Eric Ulrich: Absent
Jimmy Van Bramer: Y

The full council is expected to vote on the reso tomorrow. Speed cameras have the support of Council Speaker Christine Quinn. It seems as if State Senator Marty Golden is the one remaining major obstacle to this street safety measure.

  • krstrois

    Yeah, I bet Ulrich was absent.

  • Thank goodness

  • Bronxite

    So what happens now? How long do we need to wait before the rollout begins?

  • I think it’s a nonbinding reso or at most “home rule” legislation, and that Albany has to pass the legislation. Set your stopwatch!

  • Eric Ulrich was absent from the vote? That’s weird. Since he thinks driving 10-15 mph over the speed “poses no threat to anybody else on the road” I assume he would have zipped into work super fast today just to vote against this bill.

  • Ari

    I’m glad Vacca supported this. I even want to thank him, but he’s not my councilperson and therefore probably doesn’t care what I think.

  • Anonymous

    I assume Ulrich didn’t show up because he was busy preparing to take action against the various agencies he claimed produce “bogus” statistics and create “fudged” numbers. Those are serious charges after all. And what is Eric Ulrich but a serious man?

  • I think Ulrich knew he went too far with his irresponsible comments at the hearing, but is too vain to admit he’s wrong, so he just stayed away. That’s what I call leadership!

  • krstrois

    That was my thought, too. Childish avoidance.


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