Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Replaces “Accident” With “Collision” and Beefs Up Crash Investigations (NYT)
  • TZB Invited to Apply for $1.5 Billion TIFIA Loan, 25% Less Than Cuomo’s Ask (Times Herald-Record)
  • In the Wake of a Rash of Deadly Crashes, the Times Asks: Is It Safe to Cross the Street?
  • Victor Lopez, 49, Killed While Riding Bike in Two-Car Borough Park Crash (NewsPost, DNA, NYT)
  • Andrew Quinn, 22, Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver on West Side Highway (WCBS, DNANews, Post 1, 2)
  • Woman, 55, Killed by MTA Bus Driver in Oakland Gardens, Queens (News)
  • Diarrassouba Family to Sue City, NYPD, Crossing Guard; Angry at Bloomberg’s Comments (Post 12)
  • Satmar Leaders Want Vehicular Manslaughter Charges for Julio Acevedo (News)
  • Expanded Plazas, Curb Extensions, and More Plaza Events Coming to Financial District (DNA)
  • Feds Shut Down Ming An Bus (DNAWABC); Wait Continues for City’s Curbside Bus Rules (NYT)
  • On WNYC, Sal Albanese Sells “Fair Toll” Plan: “I’m the Only Candidate Who’s Discussing This”

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  • swifty

    Devil’s excrement is draining the life from our civilization.

  • swifty

    Death tolls larger than 9/11 are repeated on this world’s roads every single day.

  • swifty

    And the climate carnage will many times larger if it is not stopped.

  • Joe R.

    Despite what the article says, 73rd Avenue and Springfield Blvd. is most definitely NOT a busy street at 7:30 PM. I should know-I typically start my rides getting on 73rd Avenue at 166th Street, then hang a left onto Springfield Blvd about 2.8 miles down. I could be at that intersection any time between 7PM and 1AM, and it’s never all that busy. The bus was probably speeding to make the light, started turning left, and the back wheels ended up clipping the woman. Get rid of the f-ing light at that intersection. It’s not needed. Traffic isn’t that heavy there at any time of the day. In fact, you could get rid of just about all the lights on 73rd Avenue. 90% of them weren’t there 15 years ago, speeding was less rampant, and I don’t recall anybody getting killed. This is something like the 4th or 5th fatality on 73rd in the last 5 or 6 years, and they ALL happened after the DOT went traffic light crazy on 73rd Avenue.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Kelly said in his letter that the department would also increase the
    size of the investigation squad and revise its Patrol Guide to reflect
    which crashes warrant investigations.

    And in a symbolic semantic change that some advocates for crash victims
    have long requested, the department will begin using the term
    “collision” instead of “accident” to describe crashes, Mr. Kelly said.
    The squad itself will soon be renamed the Collision Investigation Squad.

    Wait . . . I got it. March 11 = 3/11 = 3 + 1 (leaving out the other 1) = 4/1 = April Fools Day, right?

    Because there’s no way that many good things could be crammed into a real Times article, right? 

    (Obviously, proof in pudding, etc.)

  • jrab

    I share dporpentine’s disbelief in the changes undergoing in the police department. That Times article fairly made my morning.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone summarize Sal Albanese’s “Fair Toll” plan, for those of us who don’t have time to listen to the interview?  Is it actually a good plan, or one of those things where a politician takes something horrible and tries to pull a fast one by giving it a benign-sounding name?

  • Michael Klatsky

    While we are fighting hard to retrofit roads into safe streets, our elected officials are working hard to double down of auto centric sprawl in Rockland & Orange counties. In my opinion, our energy should be directed to building a new multi-modal TZB – a demand that every local official has in the Hudson valley. The Gov said “sure, we will build a third bridge on the side later” and they fell in line.

    Please stop the sprawl investments!

  • Michael Klatsky

    I think he is using Sam Schwartz’s plan.