Today’s Headlines

  • DA Hynes: Julio Acevedo Charged With “Most Serious Crime Available” (Post, WSJ, DNA, News 1, 2)
  • Acevedo’s Defense Lawyer Echoes NYPD: “It Was An Accident. Accidents Happen Every Day.” (AP)
  • Meanwhile: Fake Art? Manhattan DA Cy Vance Is On It (Post, News)
  • A Call for Speed Cameras from Tri-State and Transportation Alternatives (MTRNews)
  • Ticketing Continues to Drop, Yet NY1 Thinks NYPD Is “Ticket Happy”
  • Gelinas: While Bloomberg Blames Parents for Traffic Safety, City Fails to Enforce the Law (Post)
  • MTA to Reopen Old South Ferry Station for 1 Train Service in April (Advance, News)
  • Lhota: City Should Control All Bridges and Tunnels (Observer)
  • Brewer: Congestion Pricing or East River Bridge Tolls “Not Going to Happen” (CapNY)
  • One Anonymous UES Resident Is Against Accessible Ped Signals, So DNAinfo Says It’s Controversial

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • Accessible Ped Signals: another example of how CBs can play a constructive role in managing and explaining progressive change in our streetscape and transportation infrastructure, with the right leadership.   Kudos to Chuck Warren and Scott Falk for turning around one of the most backward-looking Transpo Committees in Manhattan into a forward-looking community forum. 

    As for the “conflict” journalism by DNA, there’s an inevitable tension between quality and sophistication when you’re doing micro-local coverage in a city as big as New York.  On balance, I’m glad they’re out there reporting on these issues, giving transparency to the CB process.  But the comment about the anonymous resident needing to sleep is laughable…move out of New York City if you can’t sleep with street noise!

  • Anonymous

    IDK why we cannot use an app to hail taxi’s.  And guess who’s the litigator for this one:

    Judge Temporarily Blocks Cab-Hailing by Smartphones

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