Today’s Headlines

  • NYC Prosecutors, Stymied by Vehicular Killings, Make Prosecuting Gun Crimes Look Easy (Post)
  • Will the Next Public Advocate Outdo Bill de Blasio on Street Safety? (CapNY)
  • Merchants Celebrate Opening of Spiffy Rehabbed Knickerbocker Ave M Station (News, MTA)
  • Citing Penn Station Congestion, CB 5 Opposes Madison Square Garden Operating Permit (DNA)
  • Starlight Park Is Open (Bronx River Alliance), But Obstacles to Access Remain
  • Giants Lineman David Diehl Pleads to DWI for Astoria Crash, Is Prohibited From Driving (Post)
  • SUV With Sleeping Infant Inside Stolen in the Bronx (Post)
  • New Jersey Cops to Lawmakers: Red Light Cameras Are Making Streets Safer (Star-Ledger)
  • Researchers Link Urban Motoring and Building Heat to Climate Change (NYT)
  • Steve Cuozzo Has Nothing But Love for the New Times Square

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  • Benjamin Kabak

    “Will the Next Public Advocate Outdo Bill de Blasio on Street Safety?”

    We’ve really set the bar, um, high on this one, eh?

  • Guest

    Steve Cuozzo is head over heels for the speculative building on 8th Avenue and 42nd Street.  That’s safely a long block away from the DOT plazas he can’t seem to tolerate.

  • Anonymous

    Brad, the NYT item you posted (2nd to last in your list) doesn’t link urban activities to *climate change*. After all, cities are inherently efficient (relative to suburbs and rural areas) and thus are an antidote to energy over-use that’s causing climate change, as we all know. The item is simply saying that urban heat buildup — the old “heat island” effect — can carry over to areas far away. Nothing new there, and not (in this instance) climate change.

  • Bolwerk

    I can’t read Cuozzo.  He should write fiction. He could win the Bulwer–Lytton Contest!

  • Bolwerk

    Oh, wait, he does write fiction!

  • Joe R.

    The irony regarding the Post article is that guns kill far fewer people in NYC, whether we’re talking legal guns or illegal guns. Actually, there’s not much distinction. Someone buying a weapon for self-protection here is every bit as illegal as the criminal who buys an Uzi with the intent to use it in a crime. Cy Vance can brag about getting “illegal” guns off the streets once the laws are changed so the only people who can’t legally have guns are either convicted felons or the mentally ill. Too bad he hasn’t shown any desire to do something about the hundreds killed annually by the legal weapon of choice-namely motor vehicles.

  • CheapSkate

    Who are these people who still leave infants and children in idling SUVs? There are so many stories in the news about car jackers making off with occupied vehicles you’d think parents would’ve realized this is NOT a good idea… not to mention leaving a car idling for more than 3 minutes is supposed to be illegal.

  • Bolwerk

    @2555783a6f62598b6aadd2d882a4830f:disqus: in all fairness, don’t guns kill considerably more people in NYC than motor vehicles?  It’s only when compared to other large cities that NYC gun violence looks good.

  • jrab

    It’s apparently quite easy to leave your kid sleeping in the car, based on how often it happens. There was a great piece in the Washington Post in 2009 about leaving children in locked cars.

    I think of this danger as another reason why lazy people shouldn’t drive cars.

  • Joe R.

    @e022fdea653897e77dd613c84576950d:disqus There were 237 murders by firearms in 2012 in NYC and 291 deaths due to motor vehicles in FY 2012. I’ll also bet good money most of those 237 firearm-related murders were gang-bangers, whereas those killed by motor vehicle represent a cross section of the entire city. There are lots of reasons why gun violence in NYC is lower than in other large cities, and none of them have to do with taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens via our gun control laws. Gun violence usually tracks violent crime in general. As much as I’m not a fan of the NYPD, they deserve a good amount of credit for keeping violent crime in check even as it is rising in other cities. Anyway, my major point is Vacca shows lots of enthusiasm from taking guns away from people, even from people who could safely own/carry them. It’s a pity he lacks the desire to keep proven incompetent drivers from having access to motor vehicles. It wouldn’t be hard to do, either. Put chips into driver’s licenses and readers in all cars. When your license is not valid, the car won’t run. Problem solved. And make it mandatory to lose your license for good when you kill or seriously injure someone through negligence, recklessness, or even incompetence. I wish it was as hard to obtain a driver’s license in this city as it is to get a full carry permit.

  • kevd

    I do enjoy it when people who leave their vehicles idling return to find them stolen.
    Same way I feel about people who leave their bikes unlocked “just for a second” and come back to find them gone.

  • Joe R.

    @kevdflb:disqus Same here except if I have a reason to remain near an unlocked bike, I’ll generally keep an eye on it only because I can sympathize with the sinking feeling of finding your bike gone.