Today’s Headlines

  • Quinn Sends Council Maps Back to Redistricting Commission to Keep Lopez Out (News)
  • Bob Menendez: Forty Percent of U.S. Transit Users Affected by Sandy (TransNat)
  • Russianoff: Public May Have Given Up on Protesting MTA Fare Hikes (News)
  • Dana Rubinstein at CapNY Gets Some Face Time With Joe Lhota
  • Nassau Pedestrian Struck by NICE Bus Could Be Charged for Fatal Crash (News)
  • Ex-Cop to NYC Motorists: To Avoid a Speeding Ticket, Just Keep It Under 40 (Gothamist)
  • Chelsea’s 10th Precinct: Why Yes, We Do Condone Illegal Parking (DNA)
  • NYPD Arrests One of Its Own for Scratching a Car (DNA)
  • TLC Votes to Retire Off-Duty Taxi Lights, “Traditionalist” Iris Weinshall Excepted (NYTTransNat)
  • Post Letter Writers Respond to Fact-Free Pedicab Screed
  • Cy Vance: You Can Kill Manhattan Pedestrians, But Don’t Expose Them to NYPD Criticism (News)

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  • Guest

    “Officers at the NYPD’s 10th Precinct said that summonses are not often issued to the parked cars bearing FDNY placards as a professional courtesy.” 

    I can’t stand the lying the double-speak: “professional courtesy.”  The NYPD’s profession is law enforcement.  Choosing not to enforce the law is unprofessional. 

    If they won’t do the job we’re paying for with our taxes, they should be fired.
    How’s that for “professional”?

  • Anonymous

    The Post edited my letter in a way that weakened my point.  I said there have been TWO known instances of passengers being injured, and in ONLY ONE of them was it known to be the pedicab driver’s fault.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Half of agency’s board were no-shows at public fare-hike hearings.”

    I guess the press, politicians and official advocates are not use to this.  By the time members of the general public are allowed to speak, there is generally only one board member. or perhaps a staff member taking notes.

    Now if only the MTA would structure the fare in a way that I would find appropriate, I’ll bet that would get some comment.  Cut the face fare to the amount that actually goes to transportation, but add a “sins of the past surcharge” to account for money going to deferred retirement costs and debts.

    Put in $50?  “You have a $36 Metrocard” and a $14 “sins of the past surcharge.”  The 30 day unlimited is worth $100?  You pay $135, with $100 for the card and $35 for the “sins of the past surcharge.”

    But since most of the people making the decisions in the past, or their offspring in the case of many state legislators, are still there, no one wants this.

  • Larry Littlefield

    An article from The Economist on Rob Ford provides an interesting perspective one did not come out here on Streetsblog.

    “Richard Florida, an American urban guru who moved to Toronto in 2007, says the city is now “a more divided and contentious place, its once enviable social cohesion at risk, a growing split pitting downtown against the suburbs”.

    “This is not all Mr Ford’s fault. The province paved the way for political conflict in 1998 when it merged the city of Toronto with six surrounding municipalities. The effect was to set councillors like Mr Ford from sprawling suburbs, where the car is essential, against inner-city politicians who want more public transport and bicycle lanes, according to Robert Young, a political scientist at the University of Western Ontario.”

    My thoughts immediately turn to the MTA.  And politicians from outer city neighborhoods who want to keep bicycles out of inner city neighborhoods where they are popular with all but a few cranks.

  • Guest

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus , the politicos and other cronies in Prospect Park have probably done as much if not more to undermine bicycle improvements than anybody from the Outer Boroughs.

  • fj

    Science Stunner:
    Greenland ice melt up nearly five fold since mid 1990; Antartica loss is 50% in past decade.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “The politicos and other cronies in Prospect Park have probably done as much if not more to undermine bicycle improvements than anybody from the Outer Boroughs”

    I guess you are probably right.  So what ever happened to their lawsuit?

  • krstrois

    All those NBBL complete streets objectors moved to Park Slope when it was a suburban outer borough neighborhood and still live that way in it — so I think the argument about attitude does still hold. 

  • fj

    Question to Council Speaker Quinn: With the nonlinear rate of increasingly accelerating climate change how long do you believe it will be before out of the most desperate sense of survival that we stop the manufacture of cars — same as during World War II — and eliminate the monopoly of transportation systems based on cars to move to net zero mobility solutions; bringing transportation emissions as low as possible?

  • Joe R.

    Why don’t they pay the MTA board members based on their attendance (i.e. if you miss half the meetings you get half the pay, and so forth)? This people make me sick. They act like they’re doing the public a favor by actually showing up for their job. No wonder every fare increase goes through despite massive public objection.

    As an aside, MTA board members should have to do all job related traveling on the system instead of in chauffeured limos. Maybe that would get them to understand the plight of the average straphanger.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Why don’t they pay the MTA board members based on their attendance (i.e. if you miss half the meetings you get half the pay, and so forth)?”

    They’re unpaid.  Just perks (transit passes) and prestige.

  • Guest

    Not like they use those transit passes…
    I don’t think Moerdler would be caught dead on transit.  I mean, seriously, when appointing somebody to the board of the nation’s largest transit agency, how did they decide to pick somebody who spent a small fortune to buy a home on a private street without sidewalks in one of the few parts of New York City that has absolutely no transit service?

    They truly have no shame!

  • fj

    Long overdue

    Obama adviser heckled by climate activist — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost)

  • fj

    What part of climate reality do cars make any sense?

  • fj

    “Global climate change: Preparing for World War III” — HuffPost Green (@HuffPostGreen)