Beware the Dread “Parking Lot for Bikes”

Looks like Queens Community Board 1 has some competition when it comes to irrational opposition to on-street bike parking. DNAinfo reports that a proposed bike corral at Wyckoff Avenue and Starr Street in Bushwick has some detractors at Brooklyn Community Board 4.

“The transportation will be disrupted…and anyone hit by a car or bike coming out of that parking lot for bikes has to fend for himself,” worried Eliseo Ruiz, the transportation committee’s chair. “It looks like this is just going to be storage for bikes.”

Excellent points here. Also: Anyone struck by a meteor coming out of that parking lot for bikes has to fend for himself. Anyone attacked by a bear coming out of that parking lot for bikes has to fend for himself. And anyone crushed by a falling piano coming out of that parking lot for bikes has to fend for himself.

It is, after all, just storage for bikes. Watch out!

A fearsome "parking lot for bikes" on Smith Street. Photo: Jeremy Charette
  • Also: anyone who gets hit by a car or bike while coming out of that nearby parking lot for cars has to fend for himself.

    And by “parking lot” I mean “on-street parking.”

  • Guest

    You mean, just like anyone who gets hit by a car while coming out of the parking lot for cars that is just about every other curb frontage?

    You mean, just like the rest of the curb lanes are just storage for cars?

  • Senior for Safety

    Eliseo Ruiz is right about one thing.  Anyone hit by a car in this town has to fend for himself.

  • See, then he can be persuaded to abolish on-street parking for cars in his district, because the risks are absolutely the same and I can’t tell you how many people are just “storing” their cars on the streets indefinitely.

  • Thunderstruck!

    I was once nearly hit by a lightning bolt.  I blamed it on the nearby parked bike.

  • John Z Wetmore

    Portland, OR, has had great success with their on-street bike parking corrals.  Once the local merchants realized they could have a few dozen customers on bikes in the space taken by a couple of customers in cars, they got behind them.

    It’s the first interview on “Perils For Pedestrians” Episode 147:

  • @b6c9867d9cde1c67fec4f0351e4705b2:disqus But did you fend for yourself?

  • Ex-driver

    Meteors, thunderbolts, out-of-control speeding cars … acts of nature.  

    Bikes … a malevolent force bent on destroying American values. A veritable hipster Taliban.

    See the difference?

  • USbike

    “It looks like this is just going to be storage for bikes.” Thank you for clarifying the purpose of a parking lot for everyone, BCB 4.  Let’s hope the space meant for bike storage is going to do just that, and not store other possible things like lawn mowers, motorcycles, scooters or baby strollers.  
    I guess it must be fearsome because the visibility up the street is much greater than if that space were filled with SUV’s or pick-up trucks (which really blocks the view completely).  And so, you can’t be taken by any surprises when bravely trying to cross without getting run over.  Rather, you will likely be psychologically-stressed before you even start moving because you can clearly see the fast moving vehicles coming towards your way.  

  • Anonymous

    Ironically, if you put a bunch of bikes inside a big SUV and park it on the street for a week, CB4 would be okay with that.

  • Guest

    And yet this giant fugly car park up the street is somehow just fine:

  • John

    Dear Lord.  When will the bicycle reign of terror end?

  • Elizabeth Padilla was killed one block away from there by a motorist:

  • Ben Kintisch

    The silliness here is that when there’s big demand for bike parking, you’re stuck with bikes attached to signs, and even worse, attached to trees. At least with a nice bike corral, it looks neat and tidy. No trees harmed, no sidewalk space encroached upon.

  • Crazytrainmatt

    what would it take to get these covered to protect bikes (and riders) from rain?

  • fj

    Banning cars in this city will save hundreds of lives, billions of dollars, eliminate the filth & noise they cause and return the streets to the people where transportation will quickly become pristine.

  • Eric McClure

    @ec4d6d7c7d83bb322eb7f460cbf7910e:disqus (the last one), not to quibble, but Liz Padilla was killed about four miles from that location, at Fifth Avenue and Prospect Place in Park Slope.

    Not withstanding, Community Board 4’s opposition to a bike corral is just plain dopey.

  • Anonymous

    The must be kidding

  • moocow

    Right, on Fifth ave, near Dean/Bergen, I nod my head to her ghost bike every time I pass.


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