DOT and TLC Unveil New Anti-Dooring Video and Decal

At a press conference at Union Square this morning, DOT and the Taxi and Limousine Commission announced another facet of the LOOK! campaign, a new video and a decal reminding taxi passengers to exit on the curb side and check for cyclists before opening cab doors.

The new decal on taxi doors. Image: DOT

DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson and TLC Commissioner David Yassky were joined at the event by Ken Podziba of Bike New York and Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives.

The video will be shown in rotation on Taxi TV. While the video takes a little while to get to the point and, unlike an older LOOK! PSA, sanitizes the experience of a crash, it’s a good reminder to taxi passengers, who like many often don’t think about cyclists before opening a vehicle door.

Unlike the Ford Crown Victorias that make up most of the current taxi fleet, the Nissan minivan that the TLC has chosen to replace them has sliding doors for backseat passengers.

DOT noted that seven cyclists have been killed in dooring crashes in the past five years. Now if only NYPD and the press corps understood that dooring is illegal behavior, and not an unavoidable “freak accident.”

  • Jesse Greene

    To ensure you never door a cyclist make sure the cab double-parks in the bike lane…. 

  • Joe R.

    Wasn’t it against the law at one time to exit a car on the street side? I could swear hearing my mom tell me that in the 1960s. It really should be against the law to do so, and not just to protect cyclists. Someone swinging open a car door and exiting streetside is a major hazard (and annoyance) to everyone on the road.

  • CTP

    great, glad to see some awareness here.

    i submitted a formal complaint a month ago about a taxi passenger dooring the cyclist in the bike lane in front of me and just heard back today from the tlc’s prosecuting attorney (they will issue driver with citation/fine and give him 30 days to respond/contest).
    today i submitted another for a taxi DRIVER dooring me in the bike lane yesterday.

    either way, these drivers lose out in either pleading guilty and paying the fine or contesting it and losing working time. i think this will help learn them, and with it being a city campaign now, they’re more likely to be found guilty i would imagine.

  • The sliding doors in the rear of taxis will help a lot, but it would be better for taxi drivers to control the opening, so that people only get out when it is safe to do so. 

  • It would, of course, help if the NYC DOT hadn’t painted the bike lanes on many streets precisely in the dooring danger zone – and if someone had made any attempt to explain to motorists that cyclists can cycle outside the cycle lane where it would be dangerous to do otherwise. I mention in this blogpost ( an incident in my first week of cycling in New York where I got a pretty severe tongue-lashing from someone who thought I should ride in the door zone in Brooklyn.
    The nearest I’ve come actually to hitting a door in tens of thousands of miles of urban cycling was a few weeks ago in Brooklyn, when I was riding in a cycle lane. They really have set up large parts of the city’s infrastructure to create conflicts of this kind.

  • The video might be a bit more informative if it showed that those getting out on the drivers side can be injured as well… not only by cyclists but by close passing cars and trucks. Maybe the thought of an 18 wheeler bearing down on them would cause people to look before opening the door.

  • Nypairofaces

    Sorry, but it is NOT a friggin’ lane! Don’t ride between a cab and the parked car next to it. Go around or, OMG, you might have to wait a minute! Bikes are a friggin menace in this city. When they ride full tilt into crowds of people in Riverside or Central Park I can’t believe the cops are not confiscating bikes and arresting these A-holes. If you want to ride fast with no obstructions go out at 6am.

  • Anonymous

    @68b0002e12fa8ec1bcd2fd6a91af24e4:disqus Try this: keep a count of the number of people killed in the city by bikes each year. Then count the number of people killed by cars. Compare them. In almost every  year you’ll find the number of people in the first group is zero, while the number in the second group will be in the hundreds.

    Then repeat your line to yourself: “Bikes are a friggin menace in the city.”

  • This campaign needs to be applied in all driver’s ed classes as well.

  • The Disabled Cyclist

    I would like a larger, more visible LOOK sticker for my car’s rear window

  • The Disabled Cyclist
  • Denis besile

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