Today’s Headlines

  • Hoylman, Espaillat, Ulrich Win Primaries; Rivera, Huntley, Meng Out (DNA 1, 2Q Courier, Post, News)
  • Family of Marilyn Dershowitz Tried in Vain to Get Prosecutors to Charge Driver for Death (Post)
  • Bloomberg on Lagging U.S. Infrastructure: “We Have Walked Away From Our Future” (CapNY)
  • Bloomberg Wants a New Health Fight; How About the Top “Accidental” Killer of NYC Kids? (CapNYPost)
  • Two Pedestrians in Critical Condition After Motorists Collide in Flatlands (NY1)
  • Motorist Crashes Into Construction Truck on Major Deegan, Killing 1 (News)
  • New Villager Column Examines Jessica Dworkin Crash; NYPD: Accidents Happen (DNA)
  • CB 1 Endorses Residential-Retail Building, Plus Parking, on McGuinness Blvd (DNA, Greenpointers)
  • Bronx Residents Get a Look at Metro-North Expansion Plans (DNA)
  • Looks Like the Post Published Half an Editorial on the MTA Funding Crisis
  • Lower East Side Gets a Life-Size Preview of Proposed Lowline Park (DNA, TransNat)
  • Vignelli: Paper Subway Maps Don’t Make Sense Anymore (SAS)

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  • Andrew

    That DNAinfo article about the development on McGuinness is misleading. The development is proposed to have 140 apartments, of which, 28 (20%) are to be affordable, and 23,000 sqft of retail.

  • Brad Aaron

    @17332831896255059d942b58f34008d3:disqus Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this story published yesterday in the NYT was interesting: Louis Kahn’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park to Open.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “We have walked away from our future.”

    Actually we sold it.  And since you can’t sell something that isn’t yours yet, it had be securitized.

    The deal was arranged in New York, and the fees were large.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised you didn’t post on this story.  Pretty convoluted lawsuit.   

  • Bolwerk

    I don’t really think the soda ban is going to do much, but I find it bemusing to see all the authoritarians hyperventilating about it.  These are usually the people who support the age 21 drinking law, the war on drugs, and just about every other dumb/counterproductive overreach of government power. At least trying to reduce the intake of calories from sugary drinks is rationally related to a real problem (obesity), rather than based upon the priggish fear that people might enjoy themselves with a mood-altering substance.